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Disneyland Paris - where to stay?

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kitchenunit Mon 06-Jun-16 20:56:33

I'd love to take DD to Disneyland Paris the weekend before Christmas, but the prices of the Disney hotels are eye watering!

Does anyone have any recommendations for doing it a bit more cheaply? I don't mind spending a bit for for three nights I'm hoping to keep it under £400, just need one room, B&B.

We can drive or go by rail if that makes a difference.

Thanks in advance.

Twowrongsdontmakearight Mon 06-Jun-16 21:05:54

We stayed in the Residhome Val de Europe which was €150 a night at the time (3 years ago). It had a kitchen, bedroom and mini bunk room (and was dog friendly). It was 5 mins walk to the station which was one stop on the train from Disneyland. The train also went into central Paris. There were various restaurants and a big shopping centre close by.

kitchenunit Mon 06-Jun-16 21:10:44

Thanks Twowrong smile

A bit more searching gives me four nights just after new year at the Sequoia Lodge for £400. It's a one night free deal I think. Is the Sequoia easy to get to central Paris from do you know?

I've had an advanced search and some posters are saying that there's no need for more than one or two days at Disney, so I'm wondering if we do a day at Disney and maybe a day or two in Paris?

DD is only 4. She's not fussed about rides but is completely princess obsessed. I honestly think if she could just follow Cinderella around for two solid days she'd be the happiest girl alive. I'm wondering how to split the time up as we're not bothered about going to the studios I don't think. DD wants to see a princess, I wouldn't mind seeing Paris and if we just did that we'd be happy!!

Donthate Mon 06-Jun-16 21:12:38

If she just wants to see a princess why not stay in central Paris and have one day at dlp. You should book lunch with the princesses. It's expensive but would be perfect for your dd

kitchenunit Mon 06-Jun-16 21:18:08

Yes I'm wondering about that Dont, but then staying in Paris isn't cheap either... I want her to have a really magical couple of days (yes ok I'm a total soft touch) so I don't mind shelling out on a princess breakfast etc. Hmm it's so hard to decide what to do!

Ideally I want something which is a really lovely treat for both of us, no hassle or hard travel, just wall to wall princesses and happiness gringringrin

But I don't want to spunk a grand in three days.... Argh!

umizoomi Mon 06-Jun-16 21:40:22

If you can drive over how much is Davy Crockett?

kitchenunit Mon 06-Jun-16 21:50:36

Oh yes that's cheaper - £348

Is it further out?

kitchenunit Mon 06-Jun-16 21:54:59

Googling now, we can get there in five hours door to door.... Do you get free parking at Disney?

Thanks for the ideas!

monet24 Mon 06-Jun-16 22:00:21

Try explorers hotel? We stayed there years ago. Don't know how it compares but included breakfast.

kitchenunit Mon 06-Jun-16 22:03:21

Ok thanks I'll have a look.

What are the cabins like at Davy Crockett? I've been stung before by really flea bitten ones at center parcs... sad

umizoomi Mon 06-Jun-16 22:36:09

The cabins at Davy are fine - we have been twice, lovely and warm. I booked pioneer but apparently they are all upgraded now. 10 min drive to Disney, free parking and magic hours - you jut have to show your hotel pass for the parking. The cabins are static caravans really!

Problem with booking separately is that you then need to buy your park tickets.

You 'check in' as early as you want in first day at Davy, get your tickets and go to Disney. Then get your key later in the day.

Toffeelatteplease Mon 06-Jun-16 22:44:32

You really are talking about several different types of holidays and you need to work out which you want to do.

If you want it easy and just a relaxed time with your DD it is hard to beat the sequoia out of the options you mention. You are right there in the disney bubble and can walk to the parks. You can go back to the hotel room easily during the day and then return to the parks.

Davy crocket is much cheaper. But you have to drive their and back everytime. I know people who love this option and don't mind the drive at all.

My explorers is a bit if a compromise between the two. You can't walk to it but you can get back to the hotel during the day (like for dinner I remember the dinners and breakfasts being amazing but that was some years back).

For me being able to walk/ roll (DS is a wheelchair user) back to the hotel is really important. If I didn't have that complication I would give serious consideration to my explorers.

You can do disney in 2 days, I've done it in one but you end up with more of a taster. Less than 3 days 2 nights you will miss a lot. We go for a very relaxed 4 nights 5 days. The thing most people don't think about is that if you are onsite and you do extra magic hours, you will miss the queues (empty disney is beautiful) making the day far more pleasant. Hit two extra magic hours and you will have done the bulk of the main park without any queuing at all. However you will be up very early in the morning which makes staying up late for wishes (evening show) challenging. You need the two mornings and a separate evening to make it work easily AND avoid the queues. You can cut down the time by skipping the studios but actually I think some of the best rides are in the studios park like Stitch live and animagique which are quite magical at that age)

That said Ime the kids don't really care how long you spend, a day or a week it will be Fantastic regardless. However unless you are a real disneyphobe a little longer is way more relaxing for the adults.

Now the whole paris from Sequoia thing. It's really easy, the station is on site and the train takes you into the centre of paris. BUT if you are staying on a disney hotel with a disney dining plan and a package for tickets I would give serious consideration to the cost. For us, if you catch it at the right time it is cheaper to do a day trip on the eurostar than it is to stay an extra night in the sequoia and travel in. Especially if they run kids for a quid again during summer holidays. Get about the same length of time in Paris too.

I also found leaving the disney bubble very jarring and enjoyed Paris the less for it made worse by my purse being knicked and actually enjoyed the disney holiday less also.

If I wanted to do both I would stay somewhere like val d'Europe and travel in to both. But personally I'd be very loathed to do both in the same holiday again.

kitchenunit Tue 07-Jun-16 09:29:11

Thanks Toffee that is all food for thought.

to be honest I went to Paris a couple of years ago and at 4 DD would have very little interest, so given what you've said about Disney I think we'd be better chilling around the parks and gawping at the bloody princesses for the whole time.

One question about the meal plan (sorry, you're all just such a mine of information!), which do you think is the best value? I would book a princess lunch and probably also a Mickey breakfast. Otherwise we'd want to be free to eat in the parks as and when. DD doesn't eat much and I can just grab whatever, so I don't think we'd necessarily need huge meals three times a day. I'm wondering if that would make the meal plan poor value. Is the alternative just to grab food here and there and does it work out more expensive?

I'm wondering if we wouldn't get much use out of the meal plan, especially as DD is so little, even in the evenings it's likely to be a quick plate of chips then bed....

umizoomi Tue 07-Jun-16 19:25:44

I think that the fast food is price you in Disney, but there is macdonalds in Disney village, planet Hollywood too. We did a meal plan both times as I found it easier to budget that way and you get breakfast and one main meal and a snack for the afternoon (doughnut & a coffee etc)

The basic one doesn't cover much but you can use them as face value against more expensive. If you want character breakfasts etc then they aren't included I don't think. Cafe Mickey is fab to see the characters. Rather than a meal plan you could just go there and get a pizza to share (they are huge) and see Mickey, Minnie and co - they come around the tables and sign books, do photos etc.
Last time we went for a higher meal plan as cafe mickey and the ratatouille restaurant was included. I would also suggest booking popular restaurants before you go. It can be a nightmare

kitchenunit Tue 07-Jun-16 19:39:03

Thanks umizoomi, good point about cafe mickey.

It's so hard to know what we'll want to do when we get there, especially as we're subject to the whims of a fussy four year old...!

umizoomi Tue 07-Jun-16 22:02:43

If your DD doesn't eat much and you are flexible no need for a meal plan

Two days isn't enough IMO - I got an email today about free days and nights until March next year.

We have done Davy twice and I want to go again and stay in a Disney hotel on site. I have a friend who has done DLP lots and she has high standards - they do sequoia every time if possible so it must be ok! I would happily book 'lower' accommodation to be on site and spend my cash on the character stuff that makes it magical. Your DD won't remember the hotel!!

Toffeelatteplease Wed 08-Jun-16 07:13:09

The walk from the park gates to the Sequoia is really very beautiful.

I wrote a big long reply but lost it. angry

Long and short of it is that I agree if your DD is not a big eater I doubt you would get value for money from the meal plan. HOWEVER bear in mind the fast food places really aren't the best of Disney. Colonel Hathis (pizza) is good (have spent many a meal there when we did do fast food joints). The food is nice in hakuna Matata but not as nice as the surroundings in Colonel Hathis. All are better if you eat between 11 and 12 as opposed to lunchtime proper (not unrealistic if you are in the park for magic hours between 8-9).

Like umi zoomI, I like the the meal plans for buget because when I go I know I know I have paid everything necessary. But mainly because I don't step foot in a fast food joint for the duration of our stay. grin (and I'm not normally a snob about these things).

Also I agree with Umizoomi that some of the table service places are really rather special. Blue Lagoon is quite incredible. We also love the Cafe Agrabah buffet which has some really different stuff. If you want quick dining you want the buffets.

However i disagree with UmizoomI in that you have to get a children's menu in cafe mickey because the food is served on mickey mouse plates and everything tastes better off Mickey Mouse plates!!!!!wink

I am a grown up really.blush

kitchenunit Wed 08-Jun-16 19:02:04

Oh god I'm going round and round!

I've seen a good deal on for one of the affiliate hotels, the Magic Circus one. Three nights around Christmas for £180. With no meal deal I'd just need magic kingdom tickets.

Does anyone know how much tickets are per day?

SeemsLegit Wed 08-Jun-16 19:11:07

Have a look on travel republic for park tickets we got adult 2 day 2 park tickets for 97 each, face value on the ticket was 140. They were doing a deal for 3 days 2 parks for the same price when I booked in early may

kitchenunit Wed 08-Jun-16 20:17:43

Thanks for the recommendation.

Do you have to book nearer the time? I'm trying to book for December/January but I can't find a site with anything after the end of the summer season....

umizoomi Thu 09-Jun-16 21:31:46

Go to

I put in arrival Friday 16th Dec as I think you mentioned weekend before Christmas - 2 nights at Cheyenne is £500 odd for 1 adult 1 child (is that right) park tickets included obvs.

Only the French website the same hotel is €500 for 3 nights. 30% discount t and free child.

You can either go or 'change your country' from

This can be easier as the layout is exactly the same across the countries so you can read in English then change! Or you can call Disney and say you want another country's offer that you found online.

Then tickets are included - they are v pricey at the parks smile

kitchenunit Fri 10-Jun-16 18:11:13

Love that offer umizoomi! Thanks so much, I think I'll likely be booking on the .fr site in the next couple days.

Amazing how the offers are different on the different country sites. There's nothing stopping you using the cheapest site!

Buttonmoonb4tea Fri 10-Jun-16 18:24:25

Hi I went with my dd 4 years ago and she was 4yo at the time. We stopped at the magic circus hotel which is a Disneyland partner hotel. There's a few partner hotels so if you google them you can see the whole list, there's also a dream castle hotel which your dd may love. It was a really good deal at the time think I paid around £600 for flights, transfers, and hotel for us both. I had one day free park ticket due to a Sky tv promotion so only had to pay for one day in the parks. I booked it through co-operative travel and they were really hard to best at the time price wise. I recommend the hotel circus but would have loved to have stayed at dream castle..oh and there's a free shuttle bus to the parks every 10 minutes.

Buttonmoonb4tea Fri 10-Jun-16 18:27:35

Sorry just read that you'd looked up the magic circus

kitchenunit Sat 11-Jun-16 08:06:19


Right, I'm 99% mind made up (and I have literally looked at every single possible offer and permutation over the last few days!):

We're going to go for Davy Crockett, four nights. We'll drive, so lack of shuttle isn't an issue. We'll spend a half day swimming if it all gets too tiring.

I'm going to book the princess lunch but not the Mickey breakfast, and I'm not going to book a meal plan as we'll breakfast in the hotel and then grab something quick in the park most of the time, a sandwich etc.

We'll book on the .fr site as its a lot cheaper - 700€ for hotel, park tickets and princess lunch. For the week before Christmas I don't think that's too bad.

Thanks so much for your help everyone! Any last comments on the plan?

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