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big birthday trip

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soitis Tue 10-May-16 13:12:17

hoping you lot might have some good ideas!

my DH has a big birthday coming up and I really want to do something special for him (and me) - I have secured child minding and want to book us an amazing trip away - thinking about this time next year. Want to go somewhere we maybe wouldn't take our kids - was thinking NY - but we have both been there before - it is an option - but wondered if any bright ideas out there?!

we have a budget of £1000 (or pushed to £1500) if necessary and a child minding pass for 5 nights. needs to be no more than about 8hrs (max) flight from UK!

any ideas gratefully received!

mummymeister Thu 12-May-16 11:29:38

if it were me I would want to do one of the Iceland trips with the northern lights and hot springs. secret escapes and other websites often offer these sorts of trips at reasonable prices. you would have to get a hotel in NY and flights aren't cheap so your £1000 wouldn't go very far. what about another capital like Moscow, Barcelona or Rome?

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