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child free break with friend - suggestions please!

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BoyMeetsWorld Mon 02-May-16 22:51:31

Definitely need your inspiration please!

Planning a weekend away with best friend, no kids (bliss!)

Would like to do something a bit unusual but entire budget - all food, transport, accommodation etc = £150 each tops.

Looking around the Midlands or South East.

& to complicate things we've "done" the whole spa thing so would like something different.

Any ideas? Pleeeeeease! Stumped atm...

mummymeister Tue 03-May-16 08:11:21

Bath is a lovely place to go for a weekend. if you stay in a cheap Travelodge then you can go to the Bath Spa for the day. they do deals on treatments and have the most fab open air roof top swimming pool. also the pump house for proper afternoon tea, costume museum, mini golf and lots of great walks.

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