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2 nights away before Christmas Help!

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paranoidmother Wed 06-Apr-16 10:02:26

So I rashly promised DH that I would take him away for his birthday this year. I work at a school so we can't go away until 21st Dec, now with Christmas Eve being well only a couple of days later I think we need to be back on 23rd Dec or at least then we can spend christmas eve etc with kids. (I'm going to have to be sooo organised).
So we're not going abroad which was my first choice - I think i'm pushing my luck in getting away and back in time plus hubby is not cheap to insure (healthwise due to clot on lungs a couple of years ago). So anyway I was thinking Edinburgh and flying up.
Did think London but it costs so much for hotel, theatre etc.

So if anyone has any recommendations they can offer, ideas etc I would be grateful before I book something and then find something which might have been better.


ILikeToClean Thu 14-Apr-16 22:24:20

Not sure where you are but we did the same for Dh's birthday (20 Dec) last year and went to Bath. Stayed in a lovely b&b which I can pass on if you're interested.

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