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craftylady505 Tue 08-Mar-16 10:30:40

This is the UK website.
I just wanted to have a moan and to see if anyone else has an issue with this company. They don't seem to have a contact email address and I cannot get through on the phone, just reams of numbers to press.

My main miff is that I have only recently noticed that if you book a flexible/ free cancellation hotel room with them, when you complete the booking and put in your credit card details. They don't just hold the card but they actually take the payment from my account.
I have never come across this experience in the hotel industry!
Not knowing this, I have paid twice for a hotel room in the past.
After finding out this for myself, there is nothing on their website to say they are going to take this money. I therefore will no longer be using this company. The onus is now on me to check I get a refund and that my card is credited. and Premier Inn do not operate like this. Unless it's a non refundable booking.

I was just wondering if anyone else has come across the strange way of booking. And if it is legal?

Thank you

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