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Mommasoph30 Mon 18-Jan-16 13:51:10

Hi, I'm going to Dublin Feb 19th to Feb 21st.
2 Full days there and come back Sunday afternoon.

I'm planning on taking 300 Euros, do you think this will be enough?

I have never been to Dublin before, not doing any tourist stuff just going for a few nights and a a Boat cruise (Viking Splash Tours)

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks smile

Dickorydockwhatthe Sun 14-Feb-16 23:47:09


IlPorcupinoNilSodomyEst Sun 14-Feb-16 23:52:38

Should be all right, but take a credit card for backup. Depends where you are staying and how much eating out you plan on doing. Are you staying in the city or further out? I love Howth for a weekend, stay in the King Sitric, have a wander around the pier, into town for shopping and cocktails, back out for dinner - bliss!

ToastedOrFresh Mon 15-Feb-16 00:01:08

We were there in Dublin a few years ago. It was great. The rental car company advised us that the Dublin one-way system is a nightmare, even people who live in Dublin don't like it. So we dropped the rental car off as we had driven around Eire for a bit before returning to Dublin.

We had steaks at a restaurant on Hannover Quay which were delicious. We went to Bentleys Oyster restaurant the next night for delicious fish.

You can get around the city on a tram but we went round on foot or tourist bus where you can hop on and hop off. We had a modest lunch of sandwiches and a kit kat at the, 'Jam Factory'. Jam as in guitar players not strawberry jam blush

Use the tourist map for things. We went to Kilmainham Gaol. Interesting if you like that sort of thing. Also, we went to the Guinness factory museum. Interesting and it's also where I had my first pint of Guinness. It was delicious.

Underbeneathsies Mon 15-Feb-16 00:10:30

You can use your debit card if it's maestro. Don't bother bringing euros!

There are some very interesting historical tours on at the moment with the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising. If you're interested in Irish history, you might enjoy.

Viking history is very well displayed in the national museum on Kildare street, and also in Dublinia, up by Christchurch.

Get on a hop on hop off bus and you can do the whole city in detail, over two days. You can get off for the Dublinia museum, and the Kildare street museum, and Guinness.

Dublin is tiny, low rise, and very pretty. The Georgian centre is stunning, and it's well worth trying to stay in a hotel in the centre.
Pubs are cute too. Howth is lovely, as is Dalkey. Get a leap card - like an oyster, and take a DART trip along the coast. Pop into the Queens pub in Dalkey for lunch and the King sitric in Howth for another.

Lots of restaurants in the city centre, including pizza express (called Milano's)
Catch a play in the gaiety, the gate, or the abbey theatres.
Lots of good gigs too.
You'll have a wonderful time. I love going to Dublin.

Mommasoph30 Tue 01-Mar-16 11:31:24

Thanks for this advice, 300 Euros was plenty! Dublin was pretty mental! X

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