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Posh mates seeking posh family mini-breaks

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sunshinedays Wed 29-Nov-06 19:06:38

Got some posh mates coming over from Asia seeking posh (Boutique style) mini breaks in UK. Help!
Anyone know any posh websites with posh places so they can look them up before they book? (did I mention the places need to be posh?)


LadyMuck Wed 29-Nov-06 19:12:31

with kids? and if so what ages?

USAUKMum Wed 29-Nov-06 20:05:50

if they have children:
Luxury Family Hotels

V. Nice. they offer children's teas, with babysitting/listening services so parents can have evening (gourmet)meal in peace.

mosschops30 Wed 29-Nov-06 20:16:08

the Didbury house hotel here

is very posh, me and dh stayed there in the summer and it was lovely, has won lots of awards. And suprisingly they welcome families but thankfully its not overun by screaming kids

mosschops30 Wed 29-Nov-06 20:16:50

its didsbury sorry, and its outside manchester, local area is very nice too

LadyMacbeth Wed 29-Nov-06 20:26:06

We like this place in the Cotswolds if they're after central self-catering accommodation:

really lovely place

They do v posh meal service and facilities are great for kids.

sunshinedays Fri 01-Dec-06 09:55:06

Thank you for all your suggestions - they do have kids (posh ones, of course) ... they are lovely too!!

Isn't there a fab website like Mr & Mrs Smith for families?

wickedwinterwitch Sun 03-Dec-06 20:10:17

I'd suggest

The Grove
Babington House
Bedruthan Steps

I haven't stayed at any of them but I have stayed at (without children though):

One Aldwych, which was fab
We spent this weekend at Great Eastern Hotel if you like being in The City at the weekend (which I do!)
and we stayed at Hotel Du Vin Bristol which I liked, very much.
plus I started a thread asking for posh hotel recommendations here HTH.

Alism Sat 06-Jan-07 15:51:29

I am sorry - but the great Eastern has a reputation of being known as the "knocking shop" in the city!!!!!!!!!!!

hellywobs Sun 25-Feb-07 18:06:58

If they have kids try Calcot Manor

without kids have a look at the Von Essen hotels - they now own the luxury family hotels but also hotels not targeted at families

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