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Hotels in Dublin

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calpopscalum Sun 24-Sep-06 13:18:34

Mum is taking dad away to Dublin for a weekend and wants me to book her a good hotel - city centre and min of 3 star. Anyone help? ta

Mhamai Sun 24-Sep-06 14:21:29


Hope that's of some help.

calpopscalum Sun 24-Sep-06 14:53:20

I've been trawling the various hotel sites but was hoping to get a personal recommendation fo a really fab hotel!

Blandmum Sun 24-Sep-06 14:56:54

I could do with the same thing.

A romatic weekend hotel for dh and my 20th anniversary. No kids. I want somewhere for adults for once

SherlockLGJ Sun 24-Sep-06 14:57:39

Calpop budget ??

MB budget ??

Northerner Sun 24-Sep-06 14:59:50

The Jurys Hotels are good in Dublin, I have stayed at The Burlington - its a bit out of the city centre but a good 4 star hotel. Have laso stayed at The Westin and been to the four seasons but they are 5 star.....

SherlockLGJ Sun 24-Sep-06 15:01:07

Flash git......

AM staying in Dorset next week, need to take out a small mortgage to pay for hotel.......remembered you after I booked it.

winniewoo Sun 24-Sep-06 15:06:49

Stayed at the brooks hotel last Oct with DH. Really enjoyed it..rooms not huge but lovely and certainely got a personal touch to it. Try and get a good rate. have a look on trip advisor website. Brooks is very central.

bran Sun 24-Sep-06 15:09:22

I've stayed at The Morrison and really enjoyed it. It's very central and the food in the restaurant was delicious.

calpopscalum Sun 24-Sep-06 15:17:22

ooh thanks! Looked at the Morrisonbut a bit too pricey I think - even with the 99p flights!! Will look at the Brooks. Thanks!!
Jus priced up Jury's Christchurch and it's 374 euros for the stay which seems rather good. has anyone been to that hotel?Budget probably around the £300 mark being so close to Christmas and all that!
many thanks

Blandmum Sun 24-Sep-06 15:18:57

Budget....don't mind being flash the once. 20 years is a long time, and we owe ourselves a really posh 'do'

Want somewhere within walking distence of the twon centre, it would be nice if it has a pool/sauna type thing, but would sacrifice that for oodles of charm IYSWIM

bran Sun 24-Sep-06 15:21:38

Around Christchurch can be a little bit rough (at least it was when I lived in Dublin, it may have improved a lot since then). It's not that far to walk to the shopping and restaurants, but I don't think there's all that much in the immediate vacinity of Christchurch.

Carmenere Sun 24-Sep-06 15:23:41

The Merrion is Fab but v expensive. The Shelbourne on St Stephans Green is really traditionally luxurious and right in the middle of (the posh end )town. The Clarance on the quays is owned by U2 and is very stylish but again it is expensive.
Actually all the decent hotels are expensive but if it is a special occasion go for it.

SherlockLGJ Sun 24-Sep-06 15:24:24


I will stay here before I die.

It is very very central.

BudaBabe Sun 24-Sep-06 15:25:58

Shelbourne is closed Carmenere. Under renovation since last year.

No recommendations here I'm afraid as I have lived away for so long.

SherlockLGJ Sun 24-Sep-06 15:26:43

The Shelbourne is closed you NaNa

Carmenere Sun 24-Sep-06 15:29:07

Oh Gawd, I hope they don't mess it up! I loved it the way it was.

Blandmum Sun 24-Sep-06 15:29:41

That looks perfect sherlock

BudaBabe Sun 24-Sep-06 15:30:13

I worked in Shelbourne for two years as Sales & Marketing Secretary. Loved it. I too hope thwy don't destroy it but they prob will.

SherlockLGJ Sun 24-Sep-06 15:30:38

Marriotts have bought it, hope you have a good memory.

I bet there will be no Horseshoe Bar by the time they are finished with it.

bubblerock Sun 24-Sep-06 15:48:19

We stayed at The Ripley Court Hotel in March. It was lovely, good price, quiet clean rooms and a fantastic location. No spa, pool or anything like that though.

calpopscalum Sun 24-Sep-06 15:59:25

bubblerock - that looks fab!! Will probabaly be booking it for them!!

bubblerock Sun 24-Sep-06 19:31:19

I hope they have a lovely time. We went for my 30th birthday (my Mum & Dad bought it as a treat for us) and we didn't realise until we got to the airport that it was Ireland v Scotland Rugby - Dublin was pretty busy but the Hotel was like a haven from the hustle and bustle! At the end of the street was a huge silver pole art piece (not sure what it was) but it ensured we never got lost. lol

Mhamai Tue 26-Sep-06 21:45:17

It's called The Spire Bubble or as us Dubs fondly call it "The pole in the hole" or "The stilletto in the ghetto"
I stayed in the Merrion once Sherlock! Ah Bliss!

BudaBabe Tue 26-Sep-06 23:23:08

And when you find the Spire you can see if you can spot:

The tart with the cart (Molly Malone)
The prat with the hat (James Joyce)
The floozie in the jacuzzi or the whore (pronounced whoo-er) in the sewer (Anne Livia/Teh Liffey)
The hags with the bags (two ladies sitting on a bench with the shopping near the Half-Penny Bridge).


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