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Can you take a scooter on Eurostar when 3 year old travels without ticket?

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bclaremums Thu 20-Feb-14 20:35:06

Has anyone been on Eurostar with an under-4 year old 'sharing their seat' and therefore not having a baggage allowance - could you take a scooter on in addition to your luggage?

Thanks for any help!

PortofinoRevisited Mon 03-Mar-14 10:35:35

No-one cares about luggage on the Eurostar. Well it gets scanned - but I used to do the trip with a pushchair and allsorts of bags - they are not weighed and counted like when flying - it will be fine. It's also worth asking when you get on if the train is full. You might be lucky and get a free seat. Dd and I often got upgraded if Business class was empty. No free food - but more room grin

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