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Disneyland Paris adivce?

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lunar1 Sun 26-May-13 08:38:12

Dh and I are taking DS1 4 and DS2 2 to DLP in july and I was hoping for some advice.

We are going for 4 nights and are staying at the disneyland hotel, we have also have the premium dining package.

I am planning to phone up and book some restaurants, but not sure what times things like parades and fireworks are and i dont want to miss them. Any advice on the best restaurants and what times i should try booking for?

my other question is that a friend has given ds1 a big bag of about 40 pin badges. Apparently he can swap them with staff for ones he likes. DS1 is very excited about this and has sorted out the ones he wants to keep which we will leave at home. Does anyone have an idea how this works?

Any other tips gratefully received too, its the first time we have taken them anywhere outside the UK!

tallulah Sun 26-May-13 20:18:38

here you go

The timetable changes every week but will be more or less the same. Click the show times link under party time.

The fireworks are on just before the park closes. We found you had to queue for about an hour beforehand to get a decent spot. The main parade is on at 7pm, and the Stars and Cars in the Studio Park at 4pm.

I donn't know how the Dining Plan works because we've never done it, but our favourite restauarants were the Rainforest cafe, the fish place by Pirates of the Caribbeean, and Walts on Main Street. You'll want to eat early with little children.

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