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Disneyland Paris..where to eat

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Daisypops Tue 30-Apr-13 20:35:50

I'm taking dd who is 6 to DLRP at the end of may.
We get breakfast in our hotel but I was wondering about what to do for lunch and dinner.

Is it worth leaving the park to go eat somewhere. Are there restaurants close by? I've heard food in the park is very expensive.

Any advice is much appreciated. This is our first holiday together on our own and I want to have everything in order before we go! .

NotSpartacus Tue 30-Apr-13 20:39:27

Food in the park is expensive and not good IME.
There are a load of restaurants / fast food places just next door, but I don't know how expensive these are.
Someone told me the best thing is to buy sandwiches in the shop next to the station. Will be testing that out this summer!

givemeaclue Wed 01-May-13 12:40:12

Lots of restaurants in the park, in the hotels and in Disney village. Most of them are mediocre at best and all are expensive. Also can be big queues so it isabest to book before you go. Character dining is gretv For meeting characters but food still not great.

Take snacks biscuits, breadsticks etc to nibble on during day. We found we only wanted a small snack at lunch. For dinner, Disney village or your hotel.

Which hotel are you in?

stringbean Sat 04-May-13 20:16:04

Depending which hotel you stay in, you could try going to Val d'Europe (huge shopping centre next to DLP) to eat in the evening; there are some restaurants there at the far end, including an inexpensive pizzeria which was a hit with our dcs. For the most part, the food in DLP is over-priced and very average - if you can take stuff from the breakfast buffet to put together a picnic then I suggest you do that and take it in with you, and supplement with your own snacks. There are water fountains dotted around, so you can fill up your own water bottles from them.

My other gripe about DLP is that there is nowhere to picnic inside the park - other than benches - but there is a picnic area outside the gate if you want to get away from it all for an hour.

Miller1977 Sun 12-May-13 11:47:10

We took food in for lunch, things like crackers, crisps, cereal bars etc. Oh take drinks as well as even a bottle of water is expensive! Then we ate in restaurants in the evening. Found all of the restaurants we ate in ok. Went to the character restaurant (cafe mickey)which the kids loved as was worth the money, Annettes diner (they serve of rollerskates) and Rainforest Cafe.

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