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Anyone stayed in (Newport Hotel at) Eurodisney?

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neena28 Wed 17-May-06 12:22:12

Just wondering if anyone has stayed at the Newport Hotel in Eurodisney? Am thinking about going in June with Dp, ds 5.5 and dd 11 months. Any tips or suggestions?

Also any general tips about Disney would be great. Have never been but am hoping it will be a good couple of days. We would be flying from East midlands on the thursday night, then getting transfer shuttle or normal train to the resort and coming home on Sunday night. We may spend the saturday in paris if there isn't enough to do at disney for 2 and a half days.


neena28 Wed 17-May-06 13:19:37


neena28 Wed 17-May-06 13:59:28

Anyone at least been to Disneyland paris??

bluesky Wed 17-May-06 14:31:00

Have stayed at Newport twice Neena28, it is lovely. You can walk to the Park past the lake and thry festival disney.

Book a character breakfast at Cafe Disney, you can do this thru the hotel. The children will love it, you dont have to queue to meet the characters and there is a huge food choice.

there will be so much to do, you wont get to Paris!!

The biggest queue is usually Dumbo the flying elephants, so aim for there as soon as the park opens and get on it quick!!

Get your place for the parade early (it gets so busy) and you will want the littlies to see, get dp to go off and get snack/drink for you all and then wait for the parade.

Always worth taking the train ride on first visit, as it takes you all round the perimeter of the park so that you can get your bearings.

neena28 Wed 17-May-06 17:25:27

Bluesky, thanks so much for your advice.

With not going before it's hard to know where you need to be at what times and it would be such a shame to spend the money and then not get the most out of it.

How old were your dc's when you went? Is it fairly baby friendly do you know?

Thanks again

bluesky Wed 17-May-06 20:49:43

neena, yes it is child friendly, there are good loos and changing AND feeding areas half way up main street that I remember, we have been twice, can't remember their exact ages, the first time I was breastfeeding and we had the pram, so baby and a 4 yr old, the second time probably 3 and 7 yrs.

Just dont rush the first day by feeling that there is lots to do, pace yourself. The littlies really enjoy Fantasyland, but there is so much to see, music, entertainment, etc.

We liked Newport as the rooms are larger than Santa Fe where we stayed before. Santa Fe has hardly any floor space, just two big beds, so baby needs to play on the bed really. Newport has normal sized rooms.

When you enter the park each day, you pick up the map and show times (always arrive earlier). On the second day (if you watch the parade on Day 1) go to the rides that usually have the biggest queues as they should be quieter.

There are lots of threads on Eurodisney, have a good search, as you might pick up some good tips, my memories are rather hazy!

PS: my sons enjoyed the stunt car show at the studios, very exciting.

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