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Barcelona Hotels

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travellingtime Thu 07-Feb-13 15:58:03

Have booked a (surprise) trip for DH's 40th to Barcelona...we got engaged there and have always wanted to go back.
Have been scouring the internet for a good hotel.
If memory serves me correctly it's fun being in the thick of it all near La Ramblas, but it seems hotels are far from cheap these days.
I am looking at 3/4 star, ideally I want it to be nice enough that we can just slob about in the hotel if we dont really fancy doing much (as we will be without DCs), would be nice if there was a pool etc.
It seems for the money I want to pay (£100/night ish) we might get a better deal if we went out of the city. I have an idea that Sigtes is a nice place and only 30 mins on the metro into the City.
Can anyone recommend any hidden (Cheap) gems in Barcelona itself or somewhere an easy and quick train/metro ride away.
We are going in May, so hopefully warm without being uncomfortable

lottie63 Sun 21-Apr-13 09:22:52

Try Stayingcool - it s an appt though. Brilliantly located a couple of metres away from Ramblas.

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