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Long weekend over Easter - where to go?

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MissNJE Fri 04-Jan-13 23:00:26

It is my friends birthday in March and she has helped me an incredible lot last year when I moved from Brussels back to London etc. and I would like to invite her for a long weekend this year. Can you recommend something for three nights that is in Europe. My friend is Chinese and will go back to Beijing in summer. It is rather unlikely that she will come to Europe soon. She lived in the South of France, Paris and Brussels and we have been to Cologne together. Apart from that and London she hasn't seen much of Europe.

If there was one city in Europe that you HAVE to see, which one would it be? UK is not an option as she has to get a special visa for this and of course I want to surprise her which isn't possible if a visa is needed.

My budget (flights and hotel for three nights) is around £600.

Thanks, NJE

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