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Pre-baby getaway

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lem31 Thu 13-Dec-12 20:31:12

Did anyone else go on a pre-baby babymoon break? Anywhere recommended? I am not sure where to go. i'm looking for Feb in the hope I will be feeling better (but not too big). Problem is, I'm now 15 weeks and still exhausted so concerned that if I do a nice city break I will be too tired to walk around and see the sights. I would like to do something that we wont get a chance to do for a while again, but long haul seems a little scary (plus only really looking for 4-5 day break). obviously want somewhere with good medical facilities and good food too to be safe. Looking at UK breaks perhaps but not sure if that is a bit of a waste of our last trip just the 2 of us! Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I'm going round in circles here. Thanks in advance!

MoonlightMerrimentandMistletoe Thu 13-Dec-12 23:08:58

Well, it depends on what you feel up to. We went away before small child arrived and thoroughly indulged ourselves. It was to this place. Probably more a restaurant with rooms than anything else, but the staff were superb and there are lots of lovely walks in the fresh air around.

Another lovely place, if you're not bothered by weather is The Hambrough in the Isle of Wight, of all places. Stay in either room 1 or 2. We've been twice now (admittedly in August though) and have loved it both times.

For abroad - wouldn't bother with long haul for a 4-5 day break - you'll just be getting into the swing of things and have to come home, and recover from jet lag too.
I'd say one of Paris, Berlin, Vienna, Madrid or Lisbon. Not too far, great food (can you sense a theme here? grin ) and close to decent medical care should you require it.

Oh and congratulations and best of luck when the small one arrives. smile

lem31 Fri 14-Dec-12 18:21:58

Thanks for the advice. Good to get a recommendation so it's not just guess work.

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