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Amsterdam Hotels

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Bellebelle Sun 16-Sep-12 18:48:28

Going to Amsterdam with DH for a weekend in October. Any recommendations for a decent, but not too expensive hotel? Something clean, comfortable and reasonably central would be ideal.


CharminglyOdd Sun 16-Sep-12 18:59:55

We stayed in this hotel, which was much cheaper than central hotels but benefited from a free shuttle to their sister hotel, which is directly opposite Amsterdam Centraal. It took five minutes plus the ferry whilst we were there (tunnel works so ferry was free for all Amsterdamers and we ended up in the same place anyway as the ferry stopped at the main train station). Not sure if the works are complete yet but the shuttle should normally take fifteen minutes between the two, is nearly 24h and the drivers were very friendly.

It was clean, comfortable and the connection made it central. It is also used by cabin crew a lot (we saw loads every day) so was fairly quiet meaning we got a great night's sleep!

fluffacloud Sun 16-Sep-12 19:05:24

I stayed in Hotel Le Coin on my last visit and it was lovely - this was 10 years ago!

Have you booked for Amsterdam? If not have a look at The Soul Inn in Delft (sp?) and Hotel Bazar in Rotterdam. These are the most incredible hotels, it's worth a trip just to stay in them!

Apologies, on phone or I'd link and be able to spell


Bellebelle Mon 17-Sep-12 09:03:09

Thanks for the suggestions.

CharminglyOdd the hotel you linked to looks great but unfortunately no availability on out dates. Should have mentioned that DH is running the Ansterdam marathon while we're there which is affecting availability, a minor detail I'm putting to the back of my mind as I'm convincing myself it's a romantic weekend away wink

Bellebelle Mon 17-Sep-12 09:05:52

Fluff definitely Amsterdam this time and Hotel le Coin looks good and still has rooms (although only twin beds - see note about romantic weekend away below!)

Thanks for other suggestions though. Look great and have saved them for future, this is meant to be first of many weekends away without DC's (it's been 7 years!)

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