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Single Mum and DS (6) looking for midweek break Aug in UK

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aspyqueen Wed 25-Jul-12 20:51:08

Only recently a single parent (loving it!!). Problems with splitting time with DS between me and DH (DS is 6), so this summer is a ridiculously carved up affair with me getting two or three days here or there, no longer. Anyway hopefully by next summer we'll have it ironed out, and at present DS doesn't really know the differnce- I have taken him to the countryside for two days a few weeks agao and he declared it "the BEST holiday he ever had!" (he has had plenty of trips abroad of two weeks or more etc. But, to him, life is simple and two days playing by a stream are heaven.
So....suggestions of where to go woth him for a Tue lunchtime till Friday morning beginning of Aug. We have a car or we could take a train. I don't want to camp unless it's glamping (I've done my time in tents....) He likes playing by wtare, stream or sea or swimming pool will do. He likes sand but mud does just fine. He likes other kids around. He likes animals.
We live in South London, so I don't wanna spend all day driving up to Lake district or so,thing then have to drive back a day and half later...Equally although trains up North are fast we'd then be stuck without a car if we were somehwre like the Lakes that could be tricky. Thoigh if u can suggest somewhere easy to holiday without a car we are willing to do a two or three hour train journey or willing to drive two or three hours.
Budget is pretty healthy (have still got head firmly in sand about how we'll mamage in the future financially, but for now what the hell..). Not proper posh hotel prices, but it doesn't need to be camping prices.
I looked at Centre Parcs (didn't look at prices) but they only do four nite minimum midweek. But it'd be good to go somehwre like that where there's lots of fun to be had (for a kid) in one place as we're time limited. Nothing too Hi de Hi though...

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3teenhell Thu 26-Jul-12 11:35:29

i like the bournemouth/ christchurch areas. Loads to do and my DC love it.

Not sure on hotels though as i camp.

dlady Wed 01-Aug-12 20:13:40

I have read on a camping forum about a site called Nantcol Waterfalls, it also has cottages for rent. I've never been but it gets great write ups and I remember there is a stream running through it for paddling. It is in Snowdonia though, a bit of a trek from London, we did it one year from Kent. Well worth it though, we loved North Wales.

tanyahunt Mon 07-Jan-13 21:59:53

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