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New York-looking for inspiration

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saladfingers Sat 07-Apr-12 13:28:31

Taking DP away for 4 nights in June to celebrate his 40th.He knows we're going away but doesn't know destination.We have both been before we met a couple of times so I'm guessing we have already seen the major attractions.I've ordered a couple of guide books and am excitedly waiting their arrival!
We're staying in a hotel in Tribeca.
He is really into Hip hop both history, music and culture so have planned an organised bus tour of all the sites.
Hope to organise a break dancing lesson for him if I can too.
Was thinking a trip to the cinema would be good? Do you know of any cinemas that are particularly special?
A trip to a cheese cake factory is a must,being his favourite food!
I'm looking forward to a great breakfast or two.Does anyone have any diner recommendations?
I'd like to see the alternative sights I guess to make this trip different to our previous ones..
Any random recommendations very welcome!

ELR Sat 30-Jun-12 22:02:19

Watching the with interest as hopping to take dp for his 40th in January but we have never been before! Saladfingers any tips?

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