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LAPLAND - have you been? How much for 3 days, 2 adults, 2 kids?

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gemma4d Tue 13-Sep-11 18:50:40

Really want to go to Lapland one December. Not this year though. Been looking at prices and for 3 days, 2 adults, 2 kids aged 2 and 6 and it looks like around £3000 (maybe around £2,700 but I have approx £300 costs to get to an English airport). Does that seem the right price to you? I knew it would be expensive but a grand a day seems a little toooooo much!

mummymeister Sun 18-Sep-11 20:00:35

Yep it is going to be a rip off! Check really carefully before you go what your package includes - would suggest looking at tripadvisor so you don't end up with a poor deal. wouldnt leave it much longer than 7 as they arent so wide eyed once they get to Junior school. Also be clear about what extras you will and wont pay for before you go.

SouthernandCross Mon 26-Sep-11 13:35:45

We are going this year with Esprit. We have 4 kids and are going for 3 nights, 4 days and it's costing a bit over £5K. It is expensive but our eldest will be 10 so we can't leave it much longer. She still says she believes and isn't going to spoil it for the younger ones at this age. Leave it another year and she might!
The reviews on Trip Advisor have been mixed and we are a little worried but as long as the kids are happy, we will be too!

Aftereightsaremine Sat 01-Oct-11 06:26:47

We went 3 years ago it was fantastic. Went with Canterbury travel & was worth every penny. Did a few extra trips & even managed to see the northern lights- magical.

Chewbecca Mon 10-Oct-11 22:09:25

Price is about right. We went with inghams and i'd recommend them. Initial price was lower but trips were not included but that meant we could go on the trips we chose. We were advised to avoid Canterbury so interesting to see a recommend here.


I have had to book our trip independantly, as I live out of the UK and it wasn't working out flying back to Gatwick logistically.

So i booked my flights with Finnair from Zurich to Helsinki and Helsinki to Rovaniemi and the total cost for 2 adults and 1 6yo has been £700. We are flying on 22nd December and back on Boxing day.

I have booked my accomodation directly with the Santa Claus Village. We are staying in one of their cabins and they are providing:

Cabin with Sauna
2 hours a day for ds in the gingerbread club for kids (yay we get to use the sauna !!!)
Transfers to and from the airport
Santa Claus Village access
Suits extra 20 euros day one, 5 euros following days.
They have emailed me a list of activities at various prices eg huskies, reinder farm, snow mobile etc and seem very competitive to be fair.

Cost 1192 euros.

So in total £1700 for the 3 of us for 5 days, over the Christmas season.

I couldn't get anything less than £3500 from the UK, I'd have had to use two days for travel back and forth and UK hotel stays, plus there is the added risk of snow delays in the UK airports x4 for me!

This way we spend the money on the activities we want, and have some self catering freedom.

They still have availbility.

Someone also recommended the Santa Claus train that runs from Helsinki - it does depend on how much time oyu have at this busy time of year though!

You can also fly low cost into Sweden and approach it that way too?

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