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holiday park with great pool in Yorkshire?

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timetosmile Mon 08-Aug-11 17:59:18

Any recommendations for a nice holiday park (caravan/lodges) in Yorkshire with a lovely indoor pool, flumes etc for us to take 10,8 and 4yr old to for a weekend in September for one of their birthdays.

Not desperate for the whole buzzing 'nitelife' scene, but adventure playground +/- indoor play would be an advantage.

Anyone tried the ones on the Scarboro/Filey coast, for example?

Thanks x

MyBoo Mon 08-Aug-11 19:33:58

We've been to the Primrose Valley site twice and our children have loved it. It is close to Bridlington / Filey / Scarboro.

They have characters on site which our kids have adored and in an evening we have spent an hour with the on site entertainment having dancing competitions etc to tire them out before bedtime.

timetosmile Mon 08-Aug-11 22:46:03

thanks, their website looked good too. Anyone else got any thoughts?

Thefoxsbrush Wed 10-Aug-11 22:09:55

I've been to primrose valley, blue dolphin and Reighton sands. Blue dolphin is our favourite as it's not as 'lively' as primrose valley but there is still lots to do. Has both an indoor and outdoor pool. Primrose valley's pool is better though and pv has direct beach access.

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