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I need a cheap (but clean) hotel/B&B in Blackpool; any reccommendations

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KatyMac Thu 28-Jul-11 07:29:31

Close to the Winter Gardens please


KatyMac Thu 28-Jul-11 10:20:45


hifi Thu 28-Jul-11 11:00:21

we have stayed at The Cliffs before,its about a 15 min walk to the centre though.

KatyMac Thu 28-Jul-11 15:42:11

Ideally I'd like us to be closer; but thanks

KatyMac Thu 28-Jul-11 21:11:01


KindleAddict Thu 28-Jul-11 22:04:16

I live in Blackpool. There's loads of hotels, guesthouses on Albert Road which is behind the Winter Garden, less than a 5 min walk. I haven't been in any for ages but some that always seem busy are The Ruskin Hotel, The La Tour Hotel. Also look on Trip Advisor.

The Norwood on Hull Road gets great reviews and is 5 mins from back of Winter Gardens. I think we dropped off an order for someone staying there earlier in the season and it looked clean and tidy from the outside.

There's loads of places on Charnley Road, Albert Road, Coronation Street, Hull Road - Any in this sort of area will keep you within 5 mins of Winter Gardens.

Hope you find somewhere suitable.

KindleAddict Thu 28-Jul-11 22:05:48

KatyMac Fri 29-Jul-11 07:32:56

Thanks KindleAddict - I'll have a look

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