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cheap but nice w/end in uk for 1st july

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triplets Fri 17-Jun-11 06:35:32

Kids have day off school so hoping to go away for a break. Dh gets his ct scan result the day before, dreading it(cancer) so whatever it is I think we should escape. Not more than 4 hours drive from Kent, got three 13yr olds, any ideas not over £400? Thanks smile

wordsonapage Fri 17-Jun-11 06:38:57

Is that the day when its the strikes sorry am not in the uk so i'm a bit hazy)... I'd imagine the whole country will be off on a day trip you may find (if it affects the railways)you're stuck on a motorway for a lot of it !

LATEROOMS.COM are good for last minute deals

Hope the scan results are good.

triplets Fri 17-Jun-11 07:12:59

Hi, no its the following day, they have a teacher training daysmile

mummymeister Fri 17-Jun-11 12:14:49

try also agree with words that laterooms are good too. are you sure you want to book something now? Sorry to be so practical but whether it is good or bad news (heaven hope not) then you may actually all be feeling too emotional to jump in a car, drive 4 hours and be with strangers. in case then book somewhere that you can cancel at the last min with no penalties.

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