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Cheap Hotel/Hostel and things to do recommendations for Paris!

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bambiandthumper Sat 04-Jun-11 10:36:11

My neighbours 18yr old DD, and a few of her friends are going to Paris for a few nights in July, as an end of exams trip. My neighbour says they are struggling to find cheap accommodation, as they don't really know where to start looking, and there is a lot. They have all been to Paris she says, but with their families, so will be having a completely different experience grin, and all of us are proving useless.

Just realised the above is all rambling blush. But yes, if any of you have any recommendations for (youth)hostels or cheap hotels, in a good, central location (I thought maybe by the Grands Boulevards or the Marais, but that could be completely wrong!), close to nightlife that would be great. And equally, places to avoid with a barge pole would probably prove quite useful.

Actually, if I can be really rude now that i've grabbed your attention, if you have any recommendations for not too expensive things to do/ areas to visit to potter about in, that would be great! Ditto restaurants and bars...? They have done the majority of the museums and tourist attractions, but might go back and do a few.


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