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myermay Mon 01-Nov-10 17:34:21

dh and i are looking to go away for a couple of nights, a belated honeymoon. I fancy one of the above, does anyone have any recommendations for hotels or which city would be best? looking to just chill out, eat and explore. Thanks

myermay Mon 01-Nov-10 20:50:33


alfabetty Mon 01-Nov-10 20:54:43

Do you like art & culture? Rome is a fantastic place to go (without DCs) if you'll enjoy the museums and history. It can be quite difficult to find decent places to eat, as it is quite spread out (no Soho equivalent where there's lots of lively bars close together) so it can feel a bit like hard work - concentrating on the cultural sights then studying the guide book for supper!

But a fab place to go, really rewarding. Valencia is nice for a more chilled out break. Not been to Vienna but on my to-do list!

myermay Mon 01-Nov-10 21:31:43

hi thanks for replying, no history and art are not really are thing. Looking to chill out and eat loads really and shop

justonemorethen Sun 07-Nov-10 22:09:52

Loved Valencia. Seemed big but classy and had the best Kobe steak there.Perfect chill out and shop place.

Not done Rome or Vienna though!

Unprune Sun 07-Nov-10 22:22:43

Valencia is lovely, but people don't eat until ten at the earliest! I can't eat that late, it spoiled it a bit for me. Lovely city though and good nightlife.

Hooey Mon 22-Nov-10 12:40:55

Rome is probably my favourite city in Europe; obvious I know but it is beautiful and so many well known sights to explore as well as ones that you just stumble upon whilst walking. To be fair I went this time last year and the weather was c. 20 degrees every day which added to the charm and enjoyment.

Vienna is beautiful though. I'd recommend going when it is cold so you can layer up, walk for an hour or so and then stop at a cafe for a delicious hot chocolate and slice of sachertorte. It is beautiful as well in a very different architectural way.

I haven't been to Valencia but if it's chilling, eating and exploring that are priorities I'd go for Rome. The gelato, pizzas and true Roman food are amazing.

ninah Mon 22-Nov-10 12:44:24

No contest has to be Romea
there is a lively area of bars/cafes/restaurants around Piazza Navona also def recommend Trastevere

ninah Mon 22-Nov-10 12:44:49

oops Rome

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