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We're considering take away indian instead of buffet.. would you like it ?

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Arsed Sun 25-Oct-09 18:40:38

We're getting married next May. Our wedding is already quite quirky, were getting married in a museum and having our reception in an old theatre. Our budget is small.

We are considering using our local indian (who's food is delicious!) to deliver enough curry, rice, naan and bhaji to sink a battleship. They woud bring it in big pans and everyone would help themselves. The quote they have given us is good (£600) and a traditional buffet from a caterer for £600 wold mostly consist of mini quiches and sausage rolls and the thought of that bores me rigid.

I know it's not everyone cup of tea for their wedding but if you were a guest and had to self serve chicken pasanda what would you think ?

Is it a truly terrible idea ?

LowLevelWhingeing Sun 25-Oct-09 18:44:05

I would love it!!!!!!!

wedding food is usually crap, but curry can be done well in large quantities. yum smile

bigchris Sun 25-Oct-09 18:44:30

I think it's a great idea except for the self service bit cos I'm not a big fan of all that queuing business
but if it was well organised and everyone had those big crisp things and dips on the table and each table was called separetly to get it it would be lush

daisyj Sun 25-Oct-09 18:46:40

Friends of ours had food from the local Thai. It was fabulous. I think Indian sounds like a great idea. DH and I would love it!

Arsed Sun 25-Oct-09 18:47:41

Oh Yay ! grin

Maybe we could employ people to serve it.

I thought about buying some of those cardboard box type things you see in US programs to serve it in.

There will be lots of children there, My own dd loves curry and Ds who's only little is heading the same way but do most kids eat it ?

AuraofDora Sun 25-Oct-09 18:48:06

sounds delicious, do a veggie option and your laughing..
organise the dishing up and lay the tables well, it'll go down a storm

bigchris Sun 25-Oct-09 18:48:29

I have to say though that whilst me and dh would love it I know my mum and sister would hate it. There are a fair few wierdos people who can't bear anything spicy.

bigstripeytiger Sun 25-Oct-09 18:49:04

That sounds brilliant, great idea.

bigchris Sun 25-Oct-09 18:49:11

my kids would eat korma if that helps

NancyBotwin Sun 25-Oct-09 18:49:48

Probably depends on your guestlist - I would love it but could imagine aged relatives fretting about heartburn, etc.

If you are wearing a light-coloured dress wear a big bib!

LyraSilvertongue Sun 25-Oct-09 18:50:03

Sounds much better than mini quiches and sausage rolls.
Just make sure there are enough bland dishes to choose from for those not used to spicy food.

itchyandscratchy Sun 25-Oct-09 18:50:23

I'd love it! What about the oldies though? Are you likely to get hmms from anyone?

Mind, if the rest of the wedding is breaking away from the usual sausage-factory affair, you'll probably get great feedback.

thighsmadeofcheddar Sun 25-Oct-09 18:50:54

We went to a wedding last weekend and they had delicious indian food catered in (groom is indian). Lovely large bowls of curry and naans bought to each table. But buffet would work too. It was delicious and lovely to have something different to chicken or beef at a wedding.

LilyBolero Sun 25-Oct-09 18:51:27

sounds lovely, but make sure everyone likes curry, if not supply an alternative (my dad absolutely would not eat indian food!).

LyraSilvertongue Sun 25-Oct-09 18:52:12

My children would happily eat mild curry. Definitely go for it if it's what you want. It's your day and it won't kill the few people who don't like spicy food. Most people will think it's brilliant.

Arsed Sun 25-Oct-09 18:52:42

I have dine a fair bit of fretting about getting rogan josh down my dress but i'm never going to wear it again am i and tbh i'm sure it's going to be covered in red wine by the end of the night anyway.

Not sure my Nan would eat it..

onadietcokebreak Sun 25-Oct-09 18:54:05

go for it.....sounds like a fab idea. Maybe in invite word it that you a having an indian feast afterwards so anyone who hates curry is at least aware!

mammychildminder Sun 25-Oct-09 18:54:11

i got married may this year and we were going to have curry for our meal (owner of the hall where we got married was asian so gave this as an option). we changed our mind n went for more traditional chicken in cream sauce and beef and gravy. wish we had stuck to the curry! dh is a caterer and now does some contract work for the hall. they have loads of english weddings and parties booked in now who want curry.

Wilts Sun 25-Oct-09 18:56:15

My brother in law did this, it went down really well and was delicious

MatNanPlus Sun 25-Oct-09 18:57:54

Sounds great.

CantThinkofFunnyName Sun 25-Oct-09 18:59:47

Ah - maybe I'm going to go against the stream here but whilst I, personally would love it, when catering for a large group, you really do need to be quite careful (veggie options, non-red meat options, nut free etc) - hence why you often get bland/boring food at large events. If you have older people and children I would avoid Indian - or any other spicy food - like the plague. Although, perhaps your Indian might be able to provide chicken & chips for those that don't like the traditional curry & rice? Most Indian restaurants serve that don't that? If that were the case, then I think you'd be covered for most eventualities. However, given that it is unusual and not to everybody's taste, I would recommend you make reference to the catering on the invitations. It actually might put some people off attending altogether - e.g. if an all day affair and they really cant stand Indian and there is no other option of food.....

Arsed Sun 25-Oct-09 19:00:03

I am excited now

I will look in to hiring people to help with the serving

TwentiethCenturyHeffa Sun 25-Oct-09 19:03:13

Sounds wonderful, I'd love it

Arsed Sun 25-Oct-09 19:03:40

shock would people really not go to a wedding if they didnt like the food provided ?

we're getting married at 3 and will eat around 7.. whole shebang over by 11 so even if they dont like it they are not going to waste away.

NorbertDentressangle Sun 25-Oct-09 19:04:33

I would love it and so would lots of people I know.

I would say though to remember the vegetarians (not usually a problem with Indian food IME)

For children/non-curry lovers could the restaurant do a mixed vegetable pilau rice -thats what 5yo (non-curry eating) DS has if we have an Indian meal

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