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Hm, December?

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frAKKINPannikin Wed 05-Aug-09 21:01:06

I just moved my wedding forwards by 8 months to this December.

I have a church, I hope, and a reception venue, caterers and a dress (and a cloak cos it'll be cold).

What's my next priority?!

Anyone else going for a December/winter wedding and fancy joining me in the stress?

Tillyscoutsmum Wed 05-Aug-09 21:03:45

Just wanted to say congrats.... I got married 29th Nov last year and loved our "winter wedding" (pics on profile).

Are you having a photographer ? They tend to get booked up quite quickly.

Littlefish Wed 05-Aug-09 21:06:20

Oooooh, I got married in December (a few years ago). It was wonderful! We sang Christmas carols, the service was candlelit, and we drank mulled wine.

Don't forget to organise something to keep the bridesmaids warm. We had fleecy bankets in the cars, and in the church porch to keep the children warm in case I was running late smile

Have you organised a band/disco?

Flowers? Think about what flowers/foliage will be in season or you will end up paying a fortune!

I'll have a think and be back later.

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