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Wedding help!!

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Hayleyw Sun 26-Jul-09 09:16:21

Me and my fiance were planning on getting married next May/June, however with the credit crunch we're not sure we can achieve it without getting into debt. We're trying to think of alternative weddings that are more affordable any ideas?! We were thinking of somewhere with lovely grounds so we could get married outside, or whether just to go to a registry office. If anyone has any good suggestions, or has got married somewhere in Surrey and can recommend anywhere, it'd be much appreciated as I just want to marry my man!!

DLI Sun 26-Jul-09 10:03:41

my friends got married this year and they had a chruch wedding and managed to keep the costs to a minimum. The church cost them a couple of hundred pound and they didnt have any flowers or anything in the church so they saved money there. For the reception they hired a hall (a bit like a village hall) that had space outside. For their daytime meal they had a bbq and buffett. The ushers became the bbq cooks! with dads "helping out". Instead of giving presents (as they had lived together for a while) close family made food, for example, mother of bride made pies and quiches, sister made cakes, someone bought the sausages and burgers etc. The days was spread indoors and outdoors and they even had colouring books and small toys set us in a space outside for smaller children to enjoy. They got married mid afternoon so that everyone had time to take their food to the hall in the morning. It was very informal and just ran into the night with the evening guests arriving at around 7ish. In the evening they had a disco. everyone had a wonderful time because it wasn't so formal and structured. It was a brilliant idea and saved them a fortune with close family providing the food and drink. Everyone had a specific job to do or a specific sort of food to make and everyone felt involved all day.

newweddingname Sun 26-Jul-09 13:22:09

hiya, i know what you mean, there are ways of doing it on the cheap but it still being lovely.

I have gone through all different plans and we have decided on staying at a country house which has a civil licence for a weekend and inviting only our closest friends and immediate family.

The cost of accomodation when split between everyone is reasonable and everyone gets a weekend away with a wedding thrown in too!

The grounds and lawns are lovely and its going to be informal with a BBQ (weather permitting) for our wedding breakfast and we are just going to plug in our ipod to the pa system for music if anyone wants a dance.

We are going to take a small bouncy castle for the kids and lawn games so its just goinna be a nice relaxed weekend.

I know what you mean, I didnt want lack of money to stop us getting married but gosh when you look into it, flowers, photographer, cars etc its sooooo expensive. There are ways of doing it more cheeply though.

Im finding it easier to answer, when people have expectations about favours and DJ's and the like I can just say oh no were not having that, its just a weekend away!

Good luck and let us know how your getting on. Before I decided on this I wasnt looking forward to my wedding at all I felt totally stressed, now I cant wait!

jojos4angels Thu 30-Jul-09 12:47:57

I think you can do it on a really small budget depending want you want and if you are prepared to put time in sourcing alternatives,

We are going to the reg office at 11am on the 29th August (only 7 weeks from booking to ceremony) for family only then back to ours for champagne and buffet, then at 7pm all our friends will turn up at ours for a party!

It will yours and your Dp's day, enjoy it!

nickelbabe Mon 10-Aug-09 17:35:45

from the church of england (anglican) website
"There is a relatively small fee for marrying in a church. The fees are set by the Church of England nationally. The cost of a basic church wedding service is £313.50*, which includes all legal necessities. It may vary for you depending on your circumstances. A full breakdown of these fees can be viewed here. "
"* This figure is based on a couple living at the same address and marrying outside their own parish and includes:

the fee set by law payable to the church: £254
your marriage certificate: £3.50
having your banns read at the home church: £22
having your banns read at the church where you will marry: £22
your banns certificate: £12
Total: £313.50"

and for a register office: /DG_175715

"How much does it cost to get married or form a civil partnership?
What you need to do Cost
Give notice before registering a marriage or civil partnership £30.00 per person
Register a marriage or civil partnership at a register office £40.00
Register a marriage or civil partnership on approved premises The cost for attendance by the superintendent registrar and registrar is set by the local authority.

A further charge is likely to be made by the owners of the building for the use of the premises.
Cost of marriage or civil partnership certificate on the day £3.50 "

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