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Wedding insurance

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HPenthusiast Tue 16-Feb-21 19:04:27


We’re booking our wedding for may 2022 🤞🏼 and really want to get insurance but understand a lot of companies aren’t offering it at the moment.

Does anyone have any recommendations for companies please?

We were going to go for Wed Insure but the Trust Pilot reviews are awful 😬

Thanks in advance

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Theshortone Sun 21-Feb-21 19:06:19

We were insured by covermywedding last year. Got the cover a bit too late for covid but then our wedding venue announced it was going bust 2 weeks later (not covid related). Never been so relieved in my life. Took a few months but got back all the money we'd paid for the venue so far, about £4500. The guy handling our claim was brilliant. After our date got postponed we got a new insurance premium for the new date this year. I would also say make sure you pay everything possible by credit card for the extra cover as I've seen a few brides get their money back for various reasons that way too!

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