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Best time of day for a wedding

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jendifer Mon 18-Jan-21 15:10:14

What time to get married?

The plan is the service, then afternoon tea, followed by an evening party.

Most guests will be travelling about 30 minutes to the church, and any coming further will be staying over at a church.

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GlamGiraffe Mon 18-Jan-21 15:21:37

So after lunch you mean? Make dure you have plenty of time for them to eat, get ready get to the location with time to spare, allow an hour for the wedfing part, the photos etc will you have drinks, will there be food in the evening? These all make a difference.
Hungry guests will be miserable so its really important to make sure it can all be fitted in.
Guest will probably want to allow the best part of an hour to travrel and to be there in good time.
If you say 1,45 they have time to get and get ready and arrive and get in (if they have lots of small children its a bit chaotic),
Out of ceremony at 2.30ish. Mingle and pictures for an hour max (is that enough for you?)
Tea 3pm. For a couple if hours maybe 2.5 takung you you 5.30.
What will the guests fo between then and the party? I woulfnt ecpecf thrm yo ho home and return but they will need something to do. Otherwise push the whole thing gavk so its an hour kster and ends at 6.30 jyst before a 7pm party start.

jendifer Mon 18-Jan-21 15:44:25

We’re thinking possibly 2pm wedding, 3ish for cake and afternoon tea and some photos then 530-6 for the evening stuff. Not everyone will be at the evening so some people will go home and others can go there- so lunch at home, then cake at 3:30 and food at 7? Evening venue has an adult and a child adventure playground so people can go straight from one to the other?

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Marmite27 Mon 18-Jan-21 15:49:24

We had a 2pm wedding.

We had a full 3 course dinner between 4pm and 6pm.

Evening buffet was at 8pm. Most people aren’t overly hungry. The venue noticed, stopped any more food coming about and tried again at 10pm when it was devoured.

Last guests left at 4am. We were in the residents bar. The Room service chef played a blinder at 2am when he popped his head in and asked if anyone wanted a bacon/sausage/chip butty. He was my hero grin

Flippyferloppy Wed 24-Feb-21 16:21:54

Ours was 5pm, followed by drinks and then into dinner. We wanted to keep hanging around to a minimum and allow people to eat at regular times

LolaSmiles Wed 24-Feb-21 16:26:34

Is your afternoon tea a full afternoon tea with sandwiches, pastries, patisserie and cake, or is it afternoon tea as in a few cakes mid afternoon. That would probably change my answer.

Personally, I don't like long periods of hanging around and long gaps between food .

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