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BEST Wedding Touches

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SkillMcGill Sun 17-Jan-21 01:01:22

I want to know what little touches at a wedding were memorable to you/made you smile?

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AlCalavicci Sun 17-Jan-21 03:03:43

We only invited people we wanted there , rather than people that we 'should' invite .
A very good friend who plays in a well known quartet player the wedding march for us and for the first hour at the reception , and refused to take money for it .
We then had a singer that preformed on our local area prefome for a hour and karioke for the rest of the night by a 3rd friend .

It meant that there was something for everyone and we did not have to worry about the entertaiment at all .
The pub/ hotel that we had our reception at only had a few rooms but they made sure they kept them all for our guest so only them that did not want to stay over night did not.
At the end of the night once all the guest had gone to bed the pub owner did most of the tidying up while me and my husband kicked our shoes of and were given a pint of water , our fave drinks and a bag of chips from the chippy next door and left in alone to relax and unwind before we went to bed .

Working in the pub game for many years proved that we had some very good freinds that were very happy to make our day great

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sun 17-Jan-21 03:23:32

Free flip flops for guests half way through the reception so could kick off my heels.
Did wish there were cake boxes at a particular wedding, they just cut the wedding cake and passed it round as dessert On open platters but I was full.

Sforsh49 Sun 17-Jan-21 03:47:58

We had a room off the reception room that we put soft play in for the kids. We don't have kids but all our families and friends do, and at the time they were all the right age for soft play. It was the best £150 we spent, didn't see the kids all day and the parents weren't pestered with "I'm bored" all day.

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