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Booking wedding now for August 2021

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QueenAnnaOfArrandale Sun 20-Dec-20 08:35:38

I've just written this on another thread but I'm getting married in August 2021 too (booked in 2019 so not covid rearranged) and we are still going ahead regardless.

After speaking to our venue for a realistic idea they are hopeful to be in tier 0 for the summer. Tier 0 in Scotland is 50 people, not sure about England but if you have a look you should be able to find the guidance. We are taking this as best case scenario and not booking numbers above this. It may change I suppose but I don't think it's likely for things to be totally normal by summer so tier 0 probably is best case?

Hope that helps you a bit smile

IggyAce Sun 20-Dec-20 05:30:49

My dh is a wedding photographer & the whole industry is just up in the air, personally if booking I’d plan for 30 but be prepared to only have 15. If you & DP can easily get guests lists to those numbers book it. If things improve I’m sure a venue that can usually accommodate 80 guests will be very happy to accommodate an increase in numbers.

AmyD54321 Sun 20-Dec-20 05:22:20

I’m aware of course that nobody knows what it’ll be like next year.

But...would you do this? We’ve secured a date for beginning of August next year and are ready to pay to book the venue. 80 guests. I started off feeling optimistic, but now less so. Are we mad to even book this, or should we hold off and do nothing and wait another year? Or accept that the wedding will be smaller, and just book for 30?

I suppose I’m just looking for advice. Thank you all.

(All deposits can be refunded in the venue contract, dates can be rescheduled, etc. Obviously we don’t want to do that ideally...)

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