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Legal advice- venue

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LouiseTrees Mon 14-Dec-20 22:54:35

Put this in legal or AIBU for more traffic.

PoppyHen Mon 14-Dec-20 20:04:16

Booked a wedding in April this year for next Feb for 20 person ceremony and 100 person reception.
Paid 1k deposit and waited to see how everything panned out.
Fast forward 8 months and slight panic as said wedding is supposedly 2 months away and obviously nothing planned at the mo so we contacted the venue and asked if they could accommodate a micro wedding for 15 with sit down meal (we are tier 2) or just a ceremony if we go into tier 3.
Venue were snotty and said they don't want to confirm anything and want to wait until Jan to "see what happens".
Told the venue we are pretty sure nothing will change in terms of numbers we will be allowed so happy to go and plan for 15 and they basically told us they aren't sure if a wedding for 15 is worth their while.
Totally get this so asked for our deposit back so we can try and find another venue (2 months to go- wish me luck!!) and they basically said no they haven't been refunding anyone they have just been moving weddings to a later date.
Explained we don't want to postpone as the big party isn't important to us but getting married is and we want to stick to the original date and they said the deposit is non refundable.
Surely if they can't provide a service on the date given we are entitled to a refund? Or can they "make" us move to another date?

Any advice welcome!

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