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Maternity wedding dress?

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Jesssr Wed 09-Sep-20 13:19:28

Hi everyone

I'm looking for some tips and advice on getting married pregnant.
My OH and I were meant to get married this year which was cancelled during to COVID. We had planned on having another baby (#2) immediately after our wedding and went ahead with doing the deed and getting pregnant anyway. We thought we would be happy enough to wait until 2022 to get married but with another baby on the way we have decided to elope and have a statutory ceremony instead, and continue to plan the wedding for 2022.

I already have a wedding dress that I plan to wear when we eventually 'get married' so I don't want to wear it for our statutory service, particularly as it would need adjustment.

The ceremony is 10 minutes long, with only two witnesses in attendance who will be strangers we ask on the day.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what kind of dress I could wear, or where I might look that won't cost a fortune. I will be 25 weeks pregnant so don't want to feel frumpy.

Also any tips for hair and makeup? OH will likely go back to work after the ceremony so I think it would be a waste to pay for hair and makeup but still want to feel special.

Any suggestions are much appreciated

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sallyshirt Sat 12-Sep-20 01:55:33

Do you have to dress up?
If your stbh is going back to work I assume he isn't dressing up?
I assume your first dc will be there too, and you will be looking after them?

Why not go casual and embrace that, save the hassle of dressing up/hair/make up for another time?

Ruthietuthie Sat 12-Sep-20 02:14:50

Congratulations on both your forthcoming wedding and your new baby!
I wore this dress from Seraphine for my baby-shower and felt absolutely gorgeous in it. You could pair it with a little fascinator, perhaps one with a little veil, or a flower crown, and would look beautiful.

Seraphine also have a whole section of maternity wedding dresses.
I hope you find something that makes you feel beautiful. I think this day needs to be celebrated too!

(I had two weddings - a tiny one, where we did the paperwork, with just a few friends, and then a big "wedding" with the big dress back in our home country. For the small wedding, I wore a deep pink Kate Spade dress, and deep pink amazing shoes, and felt fantastic. I love those photographs every bit as much as those from the big "do.")

Ruthietuthie Sat 12-Sep-20 02:20:30

I also had my hair and make-up done. Honestly, I really think you should treat yourself if you can. Feel beautiful. It IS a really special day, in some ways even more special because it is just you, your future husband, and the baby.

Ruthietuthie Sat 12-Sep-20 02:21:38

One last post!!! This is really pretty, and in the sale. smile

Ruthietuthie Sat 12-Sep-20 02:22:29

OK, promise this is my last post! These are coming up as the US site, as that is where I am. But Seraphine is a UK company, so look on their UK site, of course.
And happy wedding!

Jesssr Mon 14-Sep-20 15:15:59

Hi @sallyshirt
I guess we don't have to dress up but I want to make it special since the rest of this year has been pretty disappointing due to COVID.
my OH is taking the morning off so he'll have a chance to wear a suit/jeans and shirt whatever it is that he fancies.
Unfortunately we aren't allowed to bring our DD as it's in strictly limited to us and our two witnesses. So DD will be at nursery for the day which is sad but nice at the be same time.

@Ruthietuthie thanks for your tips! The Kate Spade dresses are beautiful, I bet you looked amazing! Unfortunately that dress you linked is sold out now! Just my luck.
I'll have a look at the rest of the dresses on the website though.
I'm not 100% sure I want to wear a white dress. I don't know if I would feel a bit silly wearing it for a total of an hour for it to go to the back of the wardrobe forevermore.
I think you're right on hair and makeup. I think I'll do my own makeup but get my hair done, at least if I want to take my face off after the ceremony I won't have wasted money paying for it.

I was thinking maybe something smart that I could rewear during my pregnancy but everything I'm seeing on ASOS, boohoo, h&m etc isn't really my thing. Most seem to be full length bridesmaid style or far too short for my taste. Is there anywhere else that sells nice 'formal' style maternity dresses that I could look?

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