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Covid wedding rules

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Toothsil Sun 06-Sep-20 22:35:42

We are going to a very local wedding and hadn't planned to stay overnight because there is no evening reception and the wedding breakfast is at 3. I've just found out tonight that in order to be allowed to be at the wedding breakfast, we have to stay at the hotel because there is a rule about residents only being allowed to eat in the hotel, including for weddings! To me this is a crazy rule - I don't appreciate being forced into paying over £100 to stay at a hotel 10 minutes from home, but DH is the best man so we have to go and have to be there for the meal. It just seems really odd and annoying! I know we will have to just suck it up but it means finding somewhere for DD to stay overnight, we were just going to have a babysitter for a few hours. And we'll have to put the dog and cats into kennels, and they say it's a 3 night minimum stay so we'd have to pay for 3 nights. All seems a lot of expense for a wedding that is so local. I can completely understand the hotel having a policy of meals for residents only at the moment but I'd have thought it would be a bit different for a wedding.

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BackforGood Sun 06-Sep-20 23:52:31

That's not a COVID rule though, that is that particular venue profiteering.

It is up to the Bride and Groom how much they want to challenge that. Did they agree to that when they booked? Or are the venue trying to change the contract after the booking ?

In your circumstances, I wouldn't be happy either.

Persipan Sun 06-Sep-20 23:55:54

I'd probably pay for the room but not stay in it. Really really annoying, but less hassle for you than all the other stuff.

stayathomer Sun 06-Sep-20 23:56:14

The 3 night thing seems mad-can you tell the bride and groom you cant do 3 nights?

Toothsil Mon 07-Sep-20 01:00:47

The hotel said it's government rules, DH queried it. We're considering paying for the room but not staying in it - it's just all so much hassle!

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Toothsil Mon 07-Sep-20 01:02:04

@stayathomer it's the kennels that have the 3 night minimum thing, not the wedding 🙂 We'd just have to stay in the hotel one night so we counted as guests.

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SeasonallySnowyPeasant Mon 07-Sep-20 10:37:38

That's ridiculous. I'm getting married at a hotel in a few weeks and this is definitely not a government rule.

Comefromaway Mon 07-Sep-20 10:43:43

Are they planning on having more than the maximum of 30 guests perhaps, so the hotel is trying to push the boundaries and call you hotel guests rather than a gathering?

BackforGood Mon 07-Sep-20 11:30:07

I've eaten in a hotel I've not been staying at in the last month.
In fct, thinking about it, two different hotels, in different parts of the UK.

Toothsil Mon 07-Sep-20 13:12:56

@Comefromaway that could be it, the woman at the hotel did mutter something that we couldn't quite work out, about it being "a way around things" but she also said "it's the government rules". It's in Scotland if that makes a difference. The hotel website does say they're currently only open to guests for meals but I never in a million years expected to have to stay at a wedding so ridiculously near home!!

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Comefromaway Mon 07-Sep-20 15:06:46

I think the fact it is in Scotland does make a difference. They are a lot stricter there. You can only have 20 at the ceremony and 8 at a reception.

stayathomer Mon 07-Sep-20 15:45:03

Toothsil ah okay!! Lol

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