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We're Eloping!

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JorisBonson Mon 24-Aug-20 16:05:22

Well, technically not because we've told people but still...

Posted about a our covid postponed wedding before. We were going to struggle through in October as our wedding was small already, but the list of restrictions (including my dad not being able to walk me in the room) just sucked and joy out of it.

So we've booked a beautiful place in Cornwall where we can go to the beach in the morning, get married late afternoon, have dinner cooked for us in our cottage then spend the night in a hot tub with champagne.

Our families are being surprisingly brilliant and I'm just so excited I want to share.

All being well, we'll do a vow renewal and party next summer.

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JorisBonson Mon 24-Aug-20 16:13:02

Oh, we're also writing our own vows due to no speeches and I haven't a clue where to start if anyone could give me a nod

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NYChopeful Mon 24-Aug-20 21:10:17

Oh congratulations 😍😍. That sounds amazing and perfect. I hope you have the best day. Sorry I can't help with vows...struggling with mine too!

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