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MissRabbitIsExhausted Sat 04-Jul-20 21:41:18

Did you or do you plan to give different favours to men and women?
I was planning on just having the same for both (something like sweets) but I've now been told they are usually different? What are you having?

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Cheeseycheeseycheesecheese Sat 04-Jul-20 21:44:04

We made our own, same for everyone. Scrabble board letter keyrings.

My cousin had everyone's names carved into slate squares, so they had personalised place settings. I'm not sure I've been to a wedding where they were different

radioband Sat 04-Jul-20 21:44:32

I had the same for both genders and I didn’t go all out either because people are not really bothered. I bought the love heart sweets with personalised names on them for everyone and some pink chocolate hearts.

Bridecilla Sat 04-Jul-20 21:46:41

I wouldn't do different Male and female ones.

We're doing home flavoured gin in 50ml glass bottles

Vik81 Sat 04-Jul-20 21:47:15

We have made Lego figures of everyone.... 2 days of my life at the Lego shop woohoo

PurpleDaisies Sat 04-Jul-20 21:49:31

Make and female favours is really old fashioned.

I’d ditch favours all together to be honest.

MissRabbitIsExhausted Sat 04-Jul-20 21:50:23

Thanks everyone, that's reassuring.
I can't remember what I've ever had at any wedding, so I don't see the point in doing something elaborate and defiantly not two different elaborate things 😂

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Pukeymama Sat 04-Jul-20 21:51:23

We didn't do favours, and haven't been to a wedding in the last couple of years that have done them. Definitely an expense that can be spared IMO.

Elouera Sat 04-Jul-20 21:52:11

I had the same for all- never occurred to me to have different for the sexes!!! confused

I bought bulk buy cadburys chocolate blocks after fathers' day when on special, also got white & dark chocolate at different times when on special. Bought heart shapes, silicone ice cube trays which you can push out and made chocs to put into clear, plastic bags for guests.

Melt choc over a double boiler and make various chocs. You can add the following for various combinations:
- coconut
- glace cherries
- nuts
- peppermint essence and green colouring
-mixed fruit
- alcohol flavours

None of my favours were left, unlike some i've seen at other weddings which were useless tat that guests really don't want to keep.

blackandwhite2020 Sat 04-Jul-20 21:55:08

Honestly, just go with whatever you guys wna do. We gave everyone a scratch card in personalised little envelopes, bit of fun and hopefully brought out guests fortune! X

Lolimax Sat 04-Jul-20 21:59:22

My mum and DH's dad both died from cancer so everyone had a little pin from a local cancer care charity.

Lolimax Sat 04-Jul-20 21:59:37

My mum and DH's dad both died from cancer so everyone had a little pin from a local cancer care charity.

BackforGood Sat 04-Jul-20 22:04:52

Definitely not necessary to complicate by going with different things.

IMO, favours are really not needed or wanted anyway. They are just something invented by the 'wedding industry' to get you to spend more money. The guests really don't want them.

FelicityPike Sat 04-Jul-20 22:24:38

We had pin badges for the local children’s hospital that saved my niece’s life.

KeepingPlain Wed 08-Jul-20 13:33:58

I'm just doing mini cakes on each table, like bitesize ones and people can help themselves throughout the night. People don't tend to take stuff home with them, but food is usually eaten.

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