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Wedding nanny hire

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StrongInside Sat 07-Mar-20 11:33:32


Has anyone hired/ planning on hiring a babysitter for the children at your/ someone else’s wedding? What time and how long for makes the most sense?

I want to involve all the children in the ceremony (all aged under 5), then there will be garden games set up and a magician who may do some tricks for them as well as for the adults. I want to keep the photos short and sweet, no more than 1-1.5 hours. Then surely they don’t need a nanny for the meal (they will be eating too) and I’m not convinced I want any speeches before the meal, but there will be party bags on the tables to occupy them.

When the meal ends, it’ll be around 6.30pm and I don’t know about other parents, but we plan to put our toddler to bed around 7-7.30, like we always do. Some of the guests will be getting their kids picked up by grandparents, not sure what time. Do we need a nanny at all? Maybe for an hour during the meal since kids eat quicker and won’t sit still for two hours?

I want to relax and have other parents (and our parents) relax rather than chase after the kids.

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Vanannabananna Sat 07-Mar-20 11:37:21

Party bags sound like a great idea. My kids always finish food quickly and want to get down and play meaning one of us has to go with them. A nanny during the meal would be heaven! I could give kids to them and eat the rest of my meal at none warp speed and enjoy it!

BonnesVacances Sat 07-Mar-20 11:37:30

My sister hired a couple of babysitters to look after the DC during the evening, after the meal. Up to that point the parents looked after them. She had colouring activities on the tables to keep them occupied during the meal and speeches.

Alisonm23 Sat 07-Mar-20 23:15:49

Who is going to mind your toddler when you put he/she to bed? I was sorry we didn't arrange a nanny for our wedding. Even if you knew a few teenagers that you trust

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