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Gift For Son

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CN271352 Wed 04-Mar-20 21:51:13

Hi - I'm getting married for the 2nd time this year (I'm the groom), and my Son (7) from my first marriage will be with us.

He's my only child, I split his time 50/50 with his Mum, so we have a fantastic relationship.

I want to get him a gift from Me to Him to remind him that whatever comes in the future, he will always be my first child and he will always be my best mate.

Of the 'traditional' wedding day gifts, I can't exactly get him a hip flask and I don't really think a pocket watch is a great idea either. I'm just wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation and what they'd recommend.

We'll be in matching suits and he's got jobs through the day, so he will absolutely be a part of it all, but I just wanted something that was me and him.


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Luckyonetwo Wed 04-Mar-20 22:34:11

Have a look on Etsy they have some lovely personalised things. For Christmas I got one of mine a story keepsake of our life together so far starting from when I found out I was expecting. There are a lot of lovely ideas.

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