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I want a secret wedding

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realunicorn Mon 13-Jan-20 00:07:38

We did exactly what you described.
We had had a baby 2 months previously, I had been married before, he hates attention, neither of us generally enjoy long big weddings, my family lived a distance away and finally his parents had separated and don't see eye to eye so we decided to book a day off work and get the first appointment at the reg office.

I think it was 28 days notice minimum - we got married the day after. It took around 15 minutes.

Me, him, the baby, his work wife and his best friend. ( my friends and family lived 250 miles away)

We had no readings, no music and we didn't exchange rings as I already wore a wedding band purely because I preferred it to looking like a single mum of three kids.

It was perfect for us and every wedding we have attended since we've laughed at how we preferred what we did.

We did upset a lot of people - mainly his side. Only child and his mum and both sets of grand parents felt like we snubbed them but we saved thousands and thousands of pounds which have been much better spent on renovating our new forever home!

MommaBee97 Sun 12-Jan-20 23:52:02

Me and my partner have been discussing getting married, however we just want it to be us, we don't want a big fancy wedding. We just want to be husband and wife. We have 4 children between us, and we're at a point in our relationship where it now feels right. The plan is to get married at a registry office with two witnesses, and then head off on a weekend get away to Venice. Not telling anybody until we get home. Has anybody else had a secret wedding?

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