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Scottish wedding - licensing rules

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Lemonyfuckit Thu 07-Nov-19 19:17:01

Our venue (in Scotland) is unlicensed, and works with select caterers, who would apply for the relevant license if there was a paid bar. The caterer doesn't charge corkage which is great, just what we're after, so we can then source and provide our own fizz and wine. The problem I'm concerned about is the venue told us that due to Scottish licensing laws, at whatever point the paid bar opened after the meal, any remaining wine would have to be put away and could no longer be drunk.

I want a free bar - I was hoping that would avoid that issue. I guess there are three ways of doing that - (1) provide all the booze, caterers just serve it, (2) they charge a price per person free bar package or (3) they just provide all the drinks and bill you after. My fiancée isn't bothered about the wine and licensing issue, and isn't that fussed re free bar, in fact he'd prefer not to (mindful of the budget). I would prefer a free bar, but I'm not so fussed either way, but I am very bothered about all the wine having to go away. It seems very forced, and I know loads of people (myself and parents included) would prefer to keep drinking wine rather than go into other drinks, and also older family members will want to just carry on sitting around the tables drinking wine chatting catching up etc. So I'm more interested in a free bar as means of trying to avoid the wine / licensing issues if that makes sense. My partner just isn't bothered either way (I think he sees that as meaning we would buy less wine as less time during which it's being drunk, and people buy their own drinks at bar, so win win from costs perspective), whereas for some reason it really bothers me. I just want everyone to be having a lovely party, nice and relaxed, if you want to drink G&T or beer whatever get it from the bar, if you want to keep drinking the nice wine we'll have chosen, free to do so.

Sorry for such a long post, just really leek to learn if other people have encountered this, whether they found it an issue, whether they found solutions etc. Thank you!

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