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Hen Do - Average cost?

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drcb83 Mon 19-Aug-19 15:11:16

Hey All! I am getting married next year and was wondering what the going rate for a hen do is these days. Most I go on seem to be several hundred and I am torn between isolating some friends and getting back 'what I put in for theirs'! Anyway - what is the going rate IYHO?

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chocolatesaltyballs22 Mon 19-Aug-19 15:13:39

Depends where you go/how much money you think your friends are willing to spend. I had quite a lavish one (two nights away in Spain) which cost about £300 plus spending money, but I only invited people I knew would want to come and would not be resentful about paying that much money. Not everyone would agree though.

KingkillerKvothe Mon 19-Aug-19 23:19:18

I guess it just depends. I went to one where I spent almost £200 before I'd even arrived. But another where it was just a meal out. I've just started the ball rolling on mine, and I've just invited who I'd like there and told them what I want. And have left it up to MoH and BMs to sort. But have also said to keep it as low cost as possible. I think you just need to say what you would like to happen and not get offended if people can't afford it or don't want to spend whatever it is. I had to miss one of my closest friends hen recently partly due to the cost. She was disappointed, but understanding. Not sure this helps at all 😂

Finfintytint Mon 19-Aug-19 23:31:13

I don’t think there is a going rate. It’s just about what you’d like to do in accordance with what friends can afford and what makes the day/evening special. Do you like your friends? Do you all want to have a good time whether it’s down the pub and a curry afterwards or a weekend in Monte Carlo?
A hen do can be quite superficial and show-offy if you don’t gauge it correctly. Look at how many MN threads are critical of hen do choices.

thecatsthecats Tue 20-Aug-19 15:39:21

Believe me, I was very keen on having a Revenge Do.

It would have been in the outer Hebrides. We'd have camped in yurts and hand woven our own cocktails. We'd have played an endless series of naff games, and I'd have deliberately paired up people with people they didn't know. It would have cost £850 (not including drinks or travel).

But instead I kicked my fiance out of the house, had everyone stay at mine, gave my sister a £100 limit for planning expenses and a strict rule that no one had to pay for activities they weren't a part of.

The only thing they did wrong, IMO, was getting supermarket pizzas homecooked in the oven. With the deals you can get at takeaways, you can get much better fun, taste and value if you're buying lots.

Otherwise it was fab.

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