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Can I plan a wedding in 4 months?

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orchid1234 Wed 31-Jul-19 15:56:58

Is it unrealistic to get married in 4 months? I'm planning to do our wedding for as little cost as possible but dont want it to look 'cheap' but I'm definitely up to do alot of DIY to save money. How much has everyone spent on their weddings?

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TheFlis12345 Wed 31-Jul-19 15:57:56

Yup, totally. Friends who were emigrating managed to sort a very detailed wedding in less than 3!

Knittedfairies Wed 31-Jul-19 15:59:19


Etino Wed 31-Jul-19 16:02:14

Yes, we did a fancy one in 4 months (had to get married in school holidays and didn’t want a long engagement)
First pick your venue or church +reception. Go for off the peg or bespoke not from a company but from a dressmaking friend dress. Big time saver for us was picking a colour scheme. Saved a billion decisions about favours, ribbons napkins etc.
Enjoy the planning!

SheWoreBlueVelvet Wed 31-Jul-19 22:29:36

Guests put the price up. Not just food / drink and favours, number of tables,chairs, toilets ,decorations, flowers, literally everything. Limit those and you can have a much higher end wedding.
DIY is harder than you think especially as you have’t got long. You have to have a very clear idea as to what you want in all honesty you won’t get RVSP’s back for a month or two. Time whizzes by.
Posh restaurants often have the dressings already in place (Candles, flowers,canopies etc.). Much easier to leave it to people used to catering.
Congratulations. Enjoy it all.

Cyberworrier Wed 31-Jul-19 22:37:26

Yeah! Did ours in 5 months. Registry office, private room in good restaurant and the drinks at a characterful pub. Our priority was treating nearest and dearest to a lovely meal and having a fun day, nothing chi chi. Although it still felt very glam and special!

Cyberworrier Wed 31-Jul-19 22:41:02

We had nice flowers from florist and she did centre pieces for the tables. We did lotto tickets as favours. No colour scheme as such. Vintage dress which was cheap but didn’t look it. I think prioritising making it a nice day for less people made it very affordable, rather than a more keeping an eye on costs day for lots of people. Also, no expensive hens or stags etc.

ThisIsNotARealAvo Wed 31-Jul-19 22:47:44

It's the venues being booked up which often make it take longer. Also if you are getting a wedding dress from a bridal shop then they can take a few months to come in once ordered.

RoseyOldCrow Wed 31-Jul-19 22:49:32

Yes, definitely!
We planned ours in 6 weeks, after DH's decree absolute, but fitting it in before my due date 😯
As we were also skint, we called in a few simple favours from close friends - flowers, icing of M&S fruit cakes, photos, our own playlists rather than a dj or band etc - and also kept to a simple plan for the day.
It was a wonderful occasion & we will never forget it.
Best wishes for a fabulous day for you & STBH x

BackforGood Wed 31-Jul-19 22:50:12

Yes, as long as you don't have rigid ideas about only this date or that venue.
The more flexible you can be, the easier it will be.
If you have a lot of people you feel 'must' be there, then finding the date they can all do is probably the most challenging.

In terms of how much people spend, that really is a 'how long is a piece of string' question.
Again, the numbers you are inviting will determine a lot of that.

FckIt Wed 31-Jul-19 23:02:05

I did mine in 4 weeks at 28 weeks pregnant! Totally doable. Happy planning!!

strawbmilk Wed 31-Jul-19 23:08:33

We did it in 12 weeks! Good luck xx

Normandy144 Wed 31-Jul-19 23:11:04

Definitely achievable. As others have said get your venue and date fixed, go dress shopping and get your invitations out asap. Once those are all in place you can fill in the gaps. Regarding venues, do a search of places nearby and you will find that a lot will be doing packages for dates this year which will be discounted as people tend not to book their wedding with less than 6 months to go. You could get a great deal. I know someone who got a great deal at a country house hotel in late November and the bonus was that the hotel was decorated for Christmas so they didn't need to worry about decorating.

orchid1234 Thu 01-Aug-19 11:24:08

Thank you everyone!

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MrsMc2019 Fri 23-Aug-19 10:53:01

You can! I've planned ours in six months (less than 4 weeks away eek!!!❤️) because of family holidays etc (we're having a small Gretna wedding and we wanted to make sure everyone could make it), we originally looked at June but because my niece was finishing primary school we didn't want to run the risk of her missing out on school events.

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