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Hair and make up

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Brideof2020 Sat 27-Jul-19 11:13:48

I'm having hair and make up done on my wedding day. My SIL and niece are helping me to get ready in the morning and I'm paying for their hair and make up as a treat / thank you. I'm just wondering if I should also offer to pay for trials for them both. I'm using my normal hairdresser - as she's mobile she has said we can try styles when she comes to do my hair, so I won't actually be booking a trial session with her. I will be with my make up artist though. What does everyone think?

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Sandhead1 Sat 27-Jul-19 18:41:28

I don’t think it’s necessary really. I won’t be.

AllTheCakes Sat 27-Jul-19 18:43:52

I would only pay for a trial for myself. Maybe they could pay for their own trial if they want one?

user1471449295 Mon 29-Jul-19 03:37:49

I only paid for a trial for myself. One or two wanted trials but they paid for them

Brideof2020 Mon 29-Jul-19 23:05:23

Oh I'm glad the consensus is that I don't have to pay for trials !! It could have turned out quite expensive !! I think I will offer when I have mine but tell them the cost if they want one. I just didn't want to sound a bit cheeky / rude not offering them a trial. Thanks everyone.

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