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Morningonthebeach Tue 23-Jul-19 09:38:41


We are getting married next August and quite a lot of things are organised. We are booked in with a photographer...the questions really is would you recommend a videographer as well? And if you had one, what is a rough idea on price? We have ended up having nice venues but trying to save money wherever possible - I just don't know whether this is an area where saving money is a bad idea...we prioritised the photographer because I'm incredibly photogenic and have a skin condition so it's hard to get nice photos of me.

Video? Yes or no? smile Thanks! Xx

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ohcanada Tue 23-Jul-19 14:13:45

Absolutely!! For me it was essential, it's an amazing way to capture the moment. Price really depends on the area and what you are looking for. Just reach out to a few and ask for a quote.

DoingItForTheKids Tue 23-Jul-19 14:15:33

I didn't and I really, really wish I had. It's so different seeing the live action than just the pictures. However, we did get one of the groomsmen to hold a go-pro and film the ceremony and I love the video. It's not polished just what happened but it helps me remember.

DoraNora Tue 23-Jul-19 14:26:52

Conversely, we didn't and I'm glad we didn't. Also our friend is a wedding videographer and he chose not to have one at his own wedding.

I think it depends on what you value and how you normally are about videos etc. My DH felt strongly that it would be watched once and wouldn't have the resonance of photos. Both of us think a lot of the final videos are tacky and somehow more generic and interchangeable than when you look at other people's wedding photos (same songs used as soundtracks etc)

On the other hand my friend was grateful to have one as her photographer was so bad she was able to pull better shots from the video ... She said other than that she didn't really need a videographer though!

Very personal decision, only you know best.

user1471449295 Wed 24-Jul-19 14:39:50

I had one. Glad I did, would have deeply regretted it if I hadn’t. £1000. You can get cheaper. I found the less expensive companies had videos that certaiably looked cheap and tacky though

MaMaMaMySharona Wed 24-Jul-19 15:02:21

I've booked one for my wedding in a couple of months - it's costing about £900 because we booked when they had an offer on (usually £1,200 I think)

I've heard from a few different people that they love their wedding video and have watched it with their kids, which I think is a lovely sentiment!

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