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Supplier contracts

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AccioCoffee Sun 21-Jul-19 00:57:00

I recently booked a photographer and in the contract it states allowing the photos to be used on their social pages and promotion etc. Contract wasn't sent till deposit was paid. Are we able to not sign until this is removed.

Pipandmum Sun 21-Jul-19 01:06:30

Sure just cross it out. Tell the photographer before you sign and if there’s a problem ask for your money back. But next time don’t pay anything without a contract!

dontfluffthefluffer Sun 21-Jul-19 01:21:05

That's usually in a standard contract as photographers use the images for their website/social media as promo and marketing.

99% of photographers will happily agree to not using your images on any if requested. They may ask if they can pop one on their website if it's a particularly striking shot but if you're not comfortable with that just get in touch with them and let them know your wishes to remove that clause and all should be A-OK.

AccioCoffee Sun 21-Jul-19 17:24:25

The deposit is non refundable but the contracts aren't issued until after deposit it paid so had no choice. It seems to be the case with the other supplies for various things. Even the church singer seems to put photos up with the bride and groom all over Facebook straight after the ceremony.

I'm just very private and so will have to manage this as best I can beforehand

dontfluffthefluffer Sun 21-Jul-19 22:29:54

You are well within your rights to request that clause be removed. If you feel uncomfortable with images being shared tell them.

Not one supplier should question that and if they're any good should be happy to adhere to this.

When I shoot, that clause is in all my contracts but I've had elopements/people who don't enjoy being shared across social media/families with child protection issues surrounding their children and I'm happy to accommodate any of their reasons. I don't need to be told why but people do sometimes give an overview. I'm there to provide a service and make people happy, not to make them feel uncomfortable and anxious. No one should feel like that and good suppliers will understand.

AccioCoffee Sun 21-Jul-19 22:48:09

Thank you you've reassured me

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