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Cheap bunting ideas or how to make it please

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Sundaychiller Mon 15-Jul-19 09:32:28

I am getting married next June and will need many, many metres of bunting which is looking to be quite costly. I have tried making a sample one using pretty wallpaper and also one with gift wrap and they did look good but will take forever and be hard to transport. I can't have plain white as it would blend into the walls.
Has anyone come across any that is very reasonable or made there own?
Thanks for any help!

Daffodil2018 Mon 15-Jul-19 11:36:17

Could you buy plain white and spray paint it? Assuming plain white is cheaper.

MrsFionaCharming Mon 15-Jul-19 12:06:20

I’m making mine with bedsheets. Flat ones are reasonably cheap in Dunelm, and come in pretty much every colour. I’m cutting out the triangles with pinking shears, so I don’t have to hem them, then sewing them onto bias binding. You could save time and staple them if they’re going to be quite high up.

CarrieBlu Mon 15-Jul-19 12:09:07

I bought a huge amount of floral fabric squares off eBay, a big roll of the tape stuff, borrowed a sewing machine and using a couple of YouTube videos taught myself to use the machine and made my own. Like you, I needed metres and metres of the stuff, would have cost hundreds of £. Instead I made the whole lot for about £15 (and my time).

Knittedfairies Mon 15-Jul-19 12:09:19

Have a look in charity shops for sheets/duvets/curtains, or hire some...

RoomR0613 Mon 15-Jul-19 12:18:08

Try Etsy and eBay

Ask on local Facebook selling site, particularly wedding specific ones, I often see couples trying to get rid of bunting they have spent a fortune on on wedding selling Facebook pages.

Most importantly don't spend time or money you don't have on making or buying bunting, it's one of those things that is nice to have but beyond the first few minutes after people walk in doesn't really get noticed.

drspouse Mon 15-Jul-19 12:44:21

We decorated with sari fabric (this was pre-bunting-mania) and it was £1 a metre (this was as I say a while ago!) in an Asian fabric shop. We didn't make anything out of it, just draped it.

mrspotatohed Mon 15-Jul-19 12:47:44

Could you not use a roll of brown parcel paper? Fold it up like a concertina and draw the shape you want on the top and on the bottom, cut it out and you'll get multiple pieces at once. You can decorate some of them to make it a bit different if you want too.

BigusBumus Mon 15-Jul-19 12:48:02

I bought some from eBay, 40ft i think. An absolute bargain!
This Seller

Dec2019mumtobe Mon 15-Jul-19 15:22:20

I made mine with a double bedsheet in a pretty floral print, which I got from Asda in the sale. I bought a huge roll of webbing from amazon. In total I made about three trillion metres for £16. I still have the other side of the sheet and half the webbing left and could make a trillion more!!


I made a cardboard template of my triangle.

I used a pinking rotary cutter to cut a billion triangles out of the fabric sheet. The pinking action stops fraying edges and it's much quicker to cut with a rotary cutter than scissors. I already owned this but cutters and blades can be sourced pretty cheaply from amazon, dunelm etc

I sprayed all the fabric triangles with starch to stiffen them. (£2 from Tesco)

I folded the webbing in half to create a little sandwich over the triangle and ironed it flat. Then pinned them at regular intervals. I cut a "spacer" from cardboard. Placed it next to each triangle and then pinned the next one along. And repeat. You can just use a ruler but a "spacer" is quicker than even measuring!

Then I ran the whole lot through the sewing machine in one go.


Sorry I don't have a better picture to show you x

Sundaychiller Mon 15-Jul-19 15:24:08

Thanks for all the replies really appreciate it
Room I have been looking on selling sites but there is never enough for the room

CarrieBlue is yours up for sale smile

Bigus thanks a million for that link, a definite contender

Sundaychiller Mon 15-Jul-19 15:46:33

Dec2019 you make it sound so easy! it seems a mammoth task but I might try doing some and see how it goes

CarrieBlu Mon 15-Jul-19 19:52:03

Unfortunately I gave it all away years ago! It’s been 10 years since I got married. Give making your own a go though, there are different approaches and there’s something quite satisfying about it!

MrsFionaCharming Tue 16-Jul-19 13:29:12

@Dec2019mumtobe that spray starch idea is brilliant!

Choice4567 Tue 16-Jul-19 13:32:02

A stack of fat quarters from Aldi, cut into triangles and sewn onto a strip of elastic!

They look beautiful I promise

Dec2019mumtobe Tue 16-Jul-19 13:38:56

@Sundaychiller I guess it depends if you've sewn before? I had only done a little bit of basic sewing and did own a machine... I think I got all of the tips from YouTube or bloggers. There's lots of tutorials out there!

I had a mini trial run and once I knew what I was doing, I honestly did speed through it. It was boring more than difficult.

Good luck x

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