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Wedding dress fuck up... 4 months until wedding

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partyinapark Sun 14-Jul-19 18:26:06

Posted in chat too but not getting any replies.

I went for my dress fitting today and they completely fucked up the measurements in the bust (my boobs are 32J and this cup was about a C cup). There's nothing they can do to alter it and they said a new dress wouldn't be ready until at least October. Wedding is November.

I have totally lost confidence in them and do not trust them to do it right. I think I need to ask for the deposit back and go to a completely different shop for a new dress. But is it too late? And can anyone advise on wedding dresses for big boobs please?? Will they give me my deposit back?

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BuffaloCauliflower Sun 14-Jul-19 21:42:33

Can they not cut out the cups and add bigger ones?

Stroan Sun 14-Jul-19 21:44:10

Could you contact the designer directly and explain? They might be able to help

partyinapark Mon 15-Jul-19 09:44:05

She said I could add some tulle over the top of the cup (it looked awful when she tested it out) and then said she would need to order a new dress from scratch and that it wouldn't be ready until October. Thats when I cried blush

I don't want this dress anymore. I feel sick when I look at pictures of me in it. I hate it now sad

I need to ask for my deposit back and I need to find a new dress. On the chat thread wed2be has been mentioned a few times so I will be looking into that.

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PerfectPear Tue 16-Jul-19 14:32:06

Definitely get deposit back and try for compensation of some kind.

Try wed2b. I went to try dresses on and they were lovely. Haven't bought a dress yet but think I will go back there. You'll need to find a seamstress yourself to do alterations but the shop can recommend some. Good luck

FairyAnn Tue 16-Jul-19 14:38:18

Definitely try Wed2b! You can try on the dress there and then and, if it fits, you can take it home the same day. Loads of styles and sizes too

partyinapark Tue 16-Jul-19 21:25:13

I've just had the most amazing experience at wed2be! Only problem is there are 3 contenders!

How amazing that a wedding dress shop has more than one measly size. I felt absolutely amazing. What a turnaround! And so reasonably priced. And the lady who helped me was wonderful. I will sleep well tonight grin

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PerfectPear Tue 16-Jul-19 21:54:04

That's great @partyinapark hope you are feeling much better about it now. Have you asked for a refund yet?

partyinapark Thu 18-Jul-19 11:17:59

I did ask but they have come back saying they can fix it etc.

My mum and fiancee have taken the situation off my hands and are dealing with it. They want me to enjoy the wedding process (and I've had a very stressful year so far in other areas of my life) which I am really grateful for. Fingers crossed!

I am so happy with my new choice. I keep staring at pics of me in the dress!

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PerfectPear Thu 18-Jul-19 12:27:35

That's nice of them to do that. It'll be great. Now try to relax and enjoy the lead up to the wedding

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