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Anyone eloped to gretna green?

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Babyblues052 Sun 14-Jul-19 09:16:00

Hi, anyone eloped to gretna green? How much did you pay? Does anyone know if the registrar fee is included in packages? Did it feel special if it was only the 2 of you or a few of you? What was your day like. Any experiences welcome!!!

I'm thinking of getting married there just me dp and our ds but would really like a break down if anyone knows. Tia smile

MynameisJune Sun 14-Jul-19 09:18:58

Ours wasn’t really eloping, we had 21 close family. We got married at Anvil Hall which is an old church now used for civil ceremonies. It was 4pm in the winter and it was all lit by candle light only. It was quite magical, we made a weekend of it. And even now 11 years later everyone says it’s the best wedding they’ve been too.

Can’t help on prices as it was a while ago now and it wasn’t the old blacksmiths place but I didn’t want strangers in the wedding.

Mum4Fergus Mon 15-Jul-19 08:22:32

Have a look over the packages on their website...often have good offers for their quieter months.

Have you visited the place?

DH and I did but decided it wasn't for felt a bit like a market with one wedding after another. We did elope, just the 2 of us but married in Callander instead.

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