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Gift ideas

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MrsExpo Thu 11-Jul-19 18:05:42

Any ideas what on Earth to get this couple for a wedding gift would be very gratefully received.

Couple in their 30’s, the bride is close family, been together 10 years, own a beautiful home, both professional musicians who also have other professional/business interests, very arty and creative, no kids yet, vegans (if that’s relevant). The wedding is in the USA so gift needs to be taken/sent there. I am attending the wedding which will be a low key, fun, relaxed event to reflect the B&G’s life style; definitely not a formal affair.

Help MN brains trust. I have no ideas so all suggestions, regardless of budget (within reason) considered. Thanks all.

MrsExpo Thu 11-Jul-19 18:07:44

Sorry ... i seem to have posted this twice. Could admin please remove this one. Thanks.

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