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Random wedding questions

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hotcrossbun4321 Thu 04-Jul-19 21:29:24

So, it's a week until my big day and I keep getting random thoughts popping into my head! Thanks anxiety.... Anyone else got any random wedding related questions?

Where am I supposed to look when I walk down the aisle? Do I have to look at DP the whole way or is it ok to look and smile at guests?

What are other people's plans for mingling during the dinner? We are having a traditional 3 course sit down - should we get up and go and chat to people at their tables in between each course?

Is it grabby to have a box on a table labelled 'cards' or helpful?

Do me and DP stay till the end of the evening reception or leave before other guests?

moreismore Thu 04-Jul-19 21:37:48

Look at DP as you enter then totally OK to glance left and right at guests.
Yes get up and ‘do the rounds’- do a few tables between each course and split up of you’ll never eat!
Card box is def helpful and will reassure anyone who’s out cash in the envelope. With that in mind nominate someone to put it somewhere safe at some point-maybe once everyone sits down for dinner?
Totally up to you-I don’t think it’s at all expected that you ‘bitter end it!’ Agree a time with your DP in advance maybe? At least to meet and touch base what you want to do.
Have a wonderful day!

letsdolunch321 Thu 04-Jul-19 21:43:59

You can purchase post boxes for cards to go into

hotcrossbun4321 Thu 04-Jul-19 21:50:31

Thank you! All very helpful! I'm probably overthinking it at this stage!

Atalune Thu 04-Jul-19 22:04:31

Yes look around. I winked at my DH which we still
Laugh about.

Get up and mingle

Have a box

Leave before the end if you feel like it. But say goodbye to everyone!

firstimemamma Sat 06-Jul-19 10:53:13

I don't know much about weddings but one I went to a member of staff came round and took everyone's cards. No-one seemed offended by her, I think a lot of people liked the idea. Based on that I can't see a problem with a box.

As for walking down the aisle - it's your big day so look where ever you want!

Enjoy your day thanks

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